In 2016, Linux turned 25. When it began, it was a student project. Today, Linux runs everything. From smartphones to supercomputers to web servers to clouds to the car, it’s all Linux, all the time. Even the one exception, the

In a world that is connected 24/7, downtime or service slowdowns exact a high price in lost revenues and damaged reputation, but while there is a growing focus on cybersecurity and network resiliency, the failure or degradation of your gateway

Hackers believe no password is safe from a determined attacker, but they agree that five key security measures can make it a lot harder to penetrate enterprise networks Whether they identify as white hats, black hats, or something in between,

Hardly a day goes by without a high-profile security breach or nasty computer hack. Scott Wu and Song Li — the co-founders of Redmond-based NewSky Security — want to stop those hackers in their tracks. The longtime security professionals —

Security experts have warned travelers to the Rio Olympics and those searching for updates back at the office to exercise extra caution in order to avoid what’s likely to be a barrage of cyber threats. The Summer Games kick off

DDoS attacks are on the increase with an average of 124,000 attacks per week over the last 18 months reported by one security solutions provider who warns that there is a continuing escalation in both the size and frequency of

A seemingly endless stream of high-profile data breaches have given cyber security a new impetus, bringing it very much to the forefront of conversations amongst business leaders and consumers alike. With the general cyber security industry at the height of

Symantec’s website has reported that more than 2500 Twitter accounts have been compromised to tweet links to websites whose expertise lies in adult dating and sex content. The attackers have also altered users’ profile pictures, biography and full name to