One problem with the sports world’s increasing reliance on advanced statistics and data analysis is that said information is immensely valuable, and as such they’re finding themselves the target of hackers. The team at Circle Sport-Leavine Family Racing found out the hard

Members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff secretly tracked some journalists to make sure they didn’t get a chance to ask Clinton tough questions, according to emails leaked by hacker Guccifer 2.0. The hacker told The Smoking Gun he accessed campaign

Specialty dating site “Muslim Match” has been hacked. Nearly 150,000 user credentials and profiles have been posted online, as well as over half a million private messages between users. Security researcher Troy Hunt has added the data to his breach

Facebook user Aaron Thompson has exposed an online thief who gained access to his account simply by sending the support team a fake passport to unlock the account. It granted the “hacker” access to Mr Thompson’s personal and business Facebook

Breach affects credit and debit cards used at just some locations. Fast-casual restaurant chain operator Noodles & Company said Tuesday a recent data security incident may have compromised the security of payment information of some its customers. The company said

For today’s banks the monitoring and security of ATMs is a major priority. Not content with card skimming – where card details and a customer’s PIN are captured – or card trapping, we are now seeing, in the most extreme

A vulnerability in the way some developers are implementing Ethereum has resulted in a last-minute fix to The DAO, a distributed autonomous organization with over $150m at its disposal to invest in Ethereum-based projects. Without a leader or any formal

Historically the Internet of Things (IoT) has been much more hype than substance. Sure, there have been a few verticals such as oil and gas and mining that have embraced the trend, but those vertical have been active in IoT

The first Patrick Feng knew about a cyberattack on his university was when one of his colleagues told him that her computer had been infected by hackers and rendered unusable. Feng, who studies technology and sustainability policy at the University

A security researcher from Tencent, China’s largest internet service portal, has discovered a critical security flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system that affects every single version of Windows over the last two decades, from Windows 95 all the way to

Much of the product line from security firm Symantec contains a raft of vulnerabilities that expose millions of consumers, small businesses, and large organizations to self-replicating attacks that take complete control of their computers, a researcher warned Tuesday. “These vulnerabilities

While performing a security assessment for one of its clients in the critical infrastructure sector, the Kaspersky Lab Security Services team discovered an important vulnerability. The CVE-2016-4785 vulnerability could allow an attacker to remotely obtain a limited amount of device

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability within the Swagger specification which may place tools based on NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, and Java at risk of exploit. According to Rapid7, the vulnerability has been found in injectable code payloads through the Swagger Code

The number of options available to the ethereum development community as it searches for a way to recover investor funds lost when The DAO was compromised is dwindling with news that a vulnerability in one of the more prominent solutions has

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced Monday that it suffered a card breach incident during which cyber-criminals may have collected customer payment card information off its PoS (Point of Sale) network. The hotel chain says it

NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker is a low level tool which enables blocking the execution of certain applications, commands, DLLs and drivers. Default rules block some common malware exploits and attacks, and you can add more to fine-tune the protection available.