A recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, sponsored by security firm Herjavec Group, also found global cybersecurity defense costs will exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. The cost of cybercrime around the globe will exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021

More than one million consumer web-connected video cameras and DVRs are compromised by bot herders who use the devices for DDoS attacks, researchers say. According to Level 3 Threat Research Labs, a small malware family that goes by the names Lizkebab, BASHLITE, Torlus and

Popular BitTorrent client Transmission has been found distributing malware to infect Mac users, just months after it was used to spread a strand of ransomware called KeRanger, researchers have found. Discovered by experts at cybersecurity firm Eset, the malware called

Ransomware is increasingly becoming the go-to cybercrime exploit used by hackers to make a quick buck. In particular, targeted attacks against hospitals across the globe have escalated in the recent past. UK hospitals have also been targeted and successfully infiltrated

Shad0wS3C hacker group has hacked the Paraguay’s Secretary of National Emergency (SNE) and leaked online a dump from a PostgreSQL database. Not so long ago I interviewed Gh0s7, the leader of the Shad0wS3C hacker crew, now he contacted me to

Many Asian organisations are badly defended against cyber-attacks, a year-long investigation by US security company Mandiant indicates. The median time between a breach and its discovery was 520 days, it says. That is three times the global average. Asia was

The financial Trojan’s reach continues to expand, placing our banks and accounts at risk. GozNym is continuing its rampage across Europe and has sourced a swathe of fresh banking targets in Germany. Researchers from IBM X-Force said on Tuesday that

The UK’s data privacy regulator will monitor how the mobile messaging app WhatsApp shares data with parent business Facebook following an update to its privacy policy. The Information Commission’s Officer (ICO) aims to ensure that WhatsApp is being transparent about

A new type of ransomware called Fantom has been discovered. It pretends to be a Windows Update and is designed to look authentic to unsuspecting Microsoft Windows users. There is no known fix for this attack yet. Microsoft’s Windows platform

Mozilla has launched the ‘Observatory,’ a tool developed by the Security Engineer April King that allows administrators and developer to test their websites. “Observatory is a simple tool that allows site operators to quickly assess not just if they are

Simone Margaritelli of the security research firm Zimperium zLabs, the company that found the Stagefright bug, posted a report that outlined how base transceiver stations (BTS) running the most common open source software products are vulnerable to attacks. The software

IBM X-Force researchers recently reported that the Ramnit Trojan has relaunched, targeting six major banks in the U.K. After a silent period of about eight months, researchers observed that Ramnit’s operators set up two new live attack servers and a

A kind of batshit insane and unprecedented thing has just happened in the world of ethical hacking. After finding serious security vulnerabilities in St. Jude Medical’s pacemakers and defibrillators, cybersecurity and research company MedSec decided to take that information to

DDoS attacks have increased in frequency, scale and complexity over the past year, driven by DDoS-for-hire services, according to a new report. DDoS-for-hire services have caused attacks to become more affordable by enabling unsophisticated threat actors to launch attacks, stated

Fingerprint readers and iris scanners are just a few of the biometric security mechanisms that manufacturers have been putting in smartphones, tablets, and laptops lately. But while slick and futuristic, these new and unique methods for securing mobile devices inevitably

Security and privacy advocates have long, and adamantly, recommended the end-to-end encrypted messaging app, Signal, as a go-to solution for secure mobile communications. Lately, the app seems to have broken into the mainstream, even making a recent appearance on Mr.