Telecom Security

IoT Devices at a Risk

Security researchers at Senrio, an IoT focused security firm, have a discovered a stack buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-9765) in an open source third party code library gSOAP- an advanced C/C++ auto-coding tool used for developing XML Web services and XML

Banking With a Selfie in Argentina ICBC, the largest bank in the world by asset volume, recently embraced facial recognition based security at its Argentinian subsidiary. The biometric security comes via FacePhi’s FIDO Certified mobile authentication platform, Selphi. ICBC customers

When new streaming devices, such as the Amazon Firestick and Apple TV, were first introduced, many were intrigued by the ease by which they could watch “over the top” content from the Internet, such as Netflix or Hulu, on their

Satellite phone communications encrypted with the GMR-2 cipher can be decrypted in mere fractions of a second, two Chinese researchers have proved. The GMR-2 is a stream cipher with 64-bit key-length. Currently, the phones of British satellite telecom Inmarsat use

If your customers notice something’s wrong before your own security specialists do, you’ve failed on multiple levels. When Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money,” he gave the world an aphorism that would be quoted frequently by business people for more

IPTV Piracy

There has never been a better time for TV entertainment, the content for TV is only going to boom. However, despite the success of the media and entertainment industry (M&E), there is the persistent and menacing trouble of online pirates

News of the second Kmart credit-card breach in three years at the retailer and the number of breaches at financial institutions doubling this year over the same period 2016 should raise security concerns. Last month, Sears Holdings, the parent company

In a world that is connected 24/7, downtime or service slowdowns exact a high price in lost revenues and damaged reputation, but while there is a growing focus on cybersecurity and network resiliency, the failure or degradation of your gateway