IT Security

Google Prompt Now Primary Choice for 2-Step Verification

Launched in June last year, Google prompt was designed to improve the security of the login process by informing users

Critical Vulnerability in SAP POS

A $25 Raspberry Pi or similar tiny PCs could be used to hack SAP POS systems due to a critical

Big Firms failing to Adopt DMARC Anti-Phishing Standard

Only a third of Fortune 500 companies deploy DMARC, a widely-backed best-practice security measure to defeat spoofing — forged emails

Microsoft Report: User Account Attacks Jumped 300% Since 2016

Microsoft researchers detected a 300% increase in user accounts attacked over the past year, and 44% growth in the number

Millions of cars affected by CAN exploit

A security flaw that could affect millions of cars has been identified, with researchers warning that there may be no

Malware Detection – Signatures vs. Behavior Analysis

Malware has threatened computers, networks, and infrastructures since the eighties. There are two major technologies to defend against this, but

Linux 2017: With great power comes great responsibility

In 2016, Linux turned 25. When it began, it was a student project. Today, Linux runs everything. From smartphones to

Hotspot Shield VPN Violating Users Privacy

Hotspot Shield, a virtual Private Network VPN service is been blamed for breaching its own privacy policy according to the