The five-year-old Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rakhni family has received a facelift that now allows it to decide whether or not to install its traditional ransomware or to drop a cryptominer instead. For the most part the injection chain remains unchanged, Kaspersky Labs reported.

Cybercrime ran rampant last year, and the cryptocurrency market was no exception, as evidenced by hacks involving bitcoin ransoms and the pervasive use of cryptojacking. Cryptojacking involves using someone’s CPUs to secretly mine cryptocurrency without that person’s permission. And according

Cybercriminals are increasingly launching attacks focussed on obtaining cryptocurrencies. The recent rapid rise in value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has not only led scores of people to invest in digital currencies but also altered the threat landscape

Security researchers have discovered a custom-built piece of malware wreaking havoc in Asia for several months that could signal the return of the notorious Chinese hacker group – Iron Tiger. According to researchers at Bitdefender, attacks by Operation PZChao have

Users of Sophos’s security software were confronted with a black screen on starting up their Windows PC over the weekend as the resulted of a borked antivirus update. The botched update meant that the Windows 7 version of winlogon.exe was

A new type of ransomware called Fantom has been discovered. It pretends to be a Windows Update and is designed to look authentic to unsuspecting Microsoft Windows users. There is no known fix for this attack yet. Microsoft’s Windows platform

A piece of Android malware designed to steal banking log-ins has added UK banks to its list of targets in the latest phase of its evolution. IBM X-Force researchers on Thursday said the Marcher malware has now added nine major

New malware that targets industrial control systems called Irongate was found by researchers who say the discovery should serve as another wakeup call to the security industry to shore up its detection capabilities around ICS and SCADA threats. Irongate, which