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This March, as Facebook was coming under global scrutiny over the harvesting of personal data for Cambridge Analytica, Google discovered a skeleton in its own closet: a bug in the API for Google+ had been allowing third-party app developers to

The PureVPN client for Windows is impacted by two vulnerabilities that result in user credential leak, a Trustwave security researcher has discovered. The bugs, Trustwave’s Manuel Nader says, may allow a local attacker to retrieve the stored password of the

A cybersecurity researcher with Google Project Zero has released the details, and a proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a high severity vulnerability that exists in Linux kernel since kernel version 3.16 through 4.18.8. Discovered by white hat hacker Jann Horn, the

The Port of San Diego recently disclosed that it was hit by a cyberattack that impacted the firm’s IT systems. In an announcement, it revealed that an unknown ransomware variant was caused this incident. The firm is currently investigating the

Facebook has suffered an attack that exposed 50 million people’s personal accounts, the company has admitted. A vulnerability in the social network’s code meant that hackers could take over people’s log-ins and see their most private information, the company said.

Microsoft said that it’s working on a fix for a zero-day flaw in its JET Database Engine. A Microsoft zero-day has been uncovered that could allow remote code-execution; and as of now, it remains unpatched. According to Trend Micro’s Zero

Sharp-eyed researchers have spotted a critical vulnerability in numerous surveillance devices from the video management company NUUO. We’ve seen this before: In 2016, multiple critical vulnerabilities in NUUO devices were publicized in an excruciatingly public way. The latest — a

The covert banking Trojan DanaBot uncovered by Proofpoint in May 2018 when it began targeting Australia and Poland via malicious URLs has now moved to Europe, with new e-mail campaigns affecting Italy, Austria, Germany, and Ukraine. According to an analysis