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SoftNAS Cloud 0day Found: Upgrade ASAP

SoftNAS users should upgrade their virtual appliance immediately following the discovery of a security issue in the product’s session management.

MyPillow and Amerisleep are the Latest Victims of Magecart Gangs

Security experts at riskIQ revealed today that another two organizations were victims of Magecart crime gang, the bedding retailers MyPillow

Extensive Ransomware Attack Hits Worldwide Operation at Aluminum Manufacturing Gaint Norsk Hydro

Extensive Ransomware Attack forced to shut down operations at, Norsk Hydro, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers. The company

APT-C-27 Hackers Launching njRAT Backdoor via Weaponized Word Documents to Control the Compromised Device

Goldmouse APT group (APT-C-27) now start exploiting the WinRAR vulnerability (CVE-2018-20250[6]) to hide the njRAT backdoor and targeting users reside

How to Audit Windows Task Scheduler for Cyber-attack Activity

Recently Google announced two zero-days that impacted both the Chrome browser and Windows 7 operating system. Google released an update

BEC Gift Card Scams Go Mobile

Cyber-criminals are evolving their tactics with Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks by transferring victims from email over to mobile communications

SimBad Malware Infected Million Android Users Through Play Store

Security experts at Check Point uncovered a sophisticated malware campaign spreading the SimBad malicious code through the official Google Play

Attacks Target AmEx, NetFlix Users with Phishing

Windows Defender Security Intel has reported two major phishing attacks targeting American Express and NetFlix. The Office 365 research teams

Nation-States Have Right to Hack Back, Survey Says

Security professionals who attended RSA 2019 believe that the world is in the midst of cyber-war, according to a survey

Apple, Microsoft Top Orgs Used in Spear Phishing

As spear-phishing tactics continue to evolve, attackers are using these threats with greater frequency and severity, making spear-phishing attacks the

Cyber Risk Management Challenges are Impacting the Business

There was quite a bit of banter about boardroom cybersecurity actions at this year’s RSA Security Conference. No surprise here;

Aluminum Producer Norsk Hydro Hit by a Massive Cyber Attack

The giant of aluminum producers, Norway’s Norsk Hydro, announced on Tuesday that it had been hit by a cyber-attack of

Does GDPR Compliance Reduce Breach Risk?

Compliance can be costly and often feels more like red tape and a barrier to business than anything that provides

A New Development Shows a Potential Shift to using Mirai to Target Enterprises

PaloAlto Networks researchers discovered a new variant of the infamous Mirai botnet is targeting IoT devices belonging to businesses. Researchers

Only 28% of Domains Support DMARC

Only around a quarter of the UK government’s domains have been set up to support an industry best practice

New JNEC.a Ransomware Delivered Through WinRAR Exploit

A new strain of ransomware tracked as JNEC.a is spreading through an exploit that triggers the recently discovered vulnerability in