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Security researchers have uncovered several security vulnerabilities in blockchain platform EOS, some of which can be exploited by hackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on EOS nodes and thereby manipulate the entire EOS blockchain system! EOS presently ranks fifth in

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has threatened Apple to face the consequences if the company does not remove secure messaging app Telegram from its App Store. Back in April, the Russian government banned Telegram in the country for the company’s refusal

After an Alexa-enabled Echo device recorded and shared a private conversation of its unknowing owners, the tech industry – and the public – is casting a wary eye on voice assistant privacy issues. On Thursday, news emerged that a Portland

Google plans to remove the “secure” label from HTTPS websites starting in September 2018, a move intended to acknowledge HTTPS as the standard for browser security. Users should expect all the sites they visit to be secured with HTTPS, the

A British computer expert who helped shut down the NHS ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack has been charged in the US with creating banking malware. Marcus Hutchins, 23, has been charged with six counts of creating and distributing malware known as Kronos.

Researchers have discovered a phishing campaign that infected Android devices with custom surveillance-ware bent on extracting data from top officials, primarily in the Middle East. Researchers at Lookout Security told Threatpost that the tool, dubbed Stealth Mango, has been used

The US has turned up the pressure on Chinese technology firms after the Department of Defense ordered all military bases to stop selling Huawei and ZTE devices out of security concerns. The Pentagon is also said to be considering whether

Warren Buffett believes cybersecurity incidents will rise, and with it the potential to significantly harm the insurance industry. “Cyber is uncharted territory. It’s going to get worse, not better,” he said at the Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting Saturday.