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Cyber-Attacks Are Top Business Risk in North America and Europe

Cyber-attacks are the number one business risk in the regions of Europe, North America and East Asia and the Pacific,

Employees’ Poor Security Habits Getting Worse, Survey Finds

New research from SailPoint has revealed that poor staff cybersecurity behaviors within organizations are getting worse, despite a greater focus

Facebook Bug Let Websites Access Private User Data

A security researcher at Imperva recently identified a vulnerability within Facebook that could have allowed other websites to extract private

Possible BGP Hijacking Takes Google Down

Google might not be immune to border gate protocol (BGP) hijacking and leaks. On Monday, Google services went down for

Nearly 4,000 Breaches Disclosed in 2018

While it is likely that the breach activity of 2018 won’t reach the level of 2017, a look back at

WannaCry Still Alive, Reaches Almost 75,000 Victims

WannaCry ransomware is still the most widespread cryptor family and has hit almost 75,000 users as of Q3 2018, according

Cylance Researchers Discover Powerful New Nation-State APT

When a Belgian locksmith attacked the Pakistani Air Force, researchers at Cylance sat up and took notice. The locksmith probably

Canadian Uni Shutters Network After Cryptomining Attack

A Canadian university shut down its entire network last week in response to a cryptomining attack, highlighting the potential disruption

Most IT Security Pros Underestimate Phishing Risks

Based on the results of a new survey, the vast majority of IT security pros fail to understand the actual

Linux Cryptocurrency Miner Leverages Rootkit To Avoid Detection

Researchers from Trend Micro spotted a new cryptocurrency miner that leverages a rootkit component to hide its presence on the

What are Deepfakes? How and Why They Work

Deepfakes are fake videos or audio recordings that look and sound just like the real thing. Once the bailiwick of

Data From ‘Almost All’ Pakistani Banks Stolen, Pakistani Debit Card Details Surface On The Dark Web

According to the head of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing.almost all Pakistani banks were affected by a recent

Stealthy Crypto-Mining Malware Evades Detection

Cryptocurrency mining has become a fairly easy way to manufacture currency, and according to Trend Micro, a new cryptocurrency-mining malware

VPN vs. Proxy: Which is Better to Stay Anonymous Online?

Most people prefer using proxies over VPN services because they are easy to use and mostly available for free, but

Learn To Play Defense by Hacking These Broken Web Apps

The best way to learn to play defense is to play offense, and the OWASP Broken Web Applications Project makes

8 Features a Cybersecurity Technology Platform Must Have

In a blog post I wrote in August — The most important attributes of a cybersecurity platform — I listed