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Maine Community College Becomes First in State to Offer Cybersecurity Program

Maine residents hoping to pursue a career in cybersecurity will finally be able to study the subject at community college.

Florida Student Discovers Flaws in Leading Doorbell Security Cameras

“Systematic design flaws” have been discovered in leading internet-connected doorbell and security cameras by a Florida Institute of Technology student.

North Dakota Contact Tracing App Ends Data Share with Foursquare

The operators of a North Dakota contact tracing app have had a rethink when it comes to sharing users’ data

Google Says Chinese & Iranian Hackers Targeted Campaigns of Trump and Biden

Cybercriminals targeted the email accounts of President Donald Trump’s and Democrat Joe Biden campaign staffers, Google researchers said. Google’s TAG

Sophos Confirms Restructuring Plans, Denies Blog Closure

Sophos has confirmed that it is implementing some internal restructuring, but denied that it plans to close its Naked Security

Multi-platform Tycoon Ransomware Employed in Targeted Attacks

Experts recently discovered a multi-platform ransomware, dubbed Tycoon Ransomware, that uses a Java image file (JIMAGE) to evade detection. Experts

DDoS-ers Target Black Lives Matter Groups

Widespread violent protests across the US over the past week have been followed by attempted DDoS attacks on several rights

Chinese and Iranian State Hackers Target Trump/Biden Campaigns

Chinese and Iranian state-sponsored hackers have been caught targeting the Trump and Biden Presidential campaigns, according to Google. Shane Huntley,

Large-scale Campaign Targets Configuration Files from WordPress Sites

Security experts have observed a large-scale campaign over the weekend aimed at stealing configuration files from WordPress sites. Security researchers

Cycldek APT Targets Air-Gapped Systems Using the USBCulprit Tool

A Chinese threat actor tracked as Cycldek (aka Goblin Panda, or Conimes) has developed new tool to steal information from

#Infosec20: Best Cybersecurity Practices for SMEs

A panel discussion on the final day of the Infosecurity Europe Virtual Conference was dedicated to cybersecurity in SMEs, and

NATO Condemns Cyber-Attacks

NATO has issued a statement condemning cyber-attacks perpetrated in the midst of the ongoing global health pandemic. In particular, the

Netizens Urged Not to Use Name as Password

Password management company NordPass has urged the general public not to include people’s names in their passwords. Research released by

Personal Data of 74,000 Members of San Francisco Retirement System Exposed

A data breach has occurred at the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS), potentially exposing the personal details of 74,000

Massive Hacking Campaign Targets WordPress Websites to Steal Database Credentials

Cybercriminals launched more than 130 million attacks aiming to harvest database credentials from 1.3 million WordPress sites. In this massive

Google Adds YubiKey Support for Apple Devices

Google has announced several mobile security enhancements, including adding support for the WebAuthn standard for use of the YubiKey. As