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Attackers have made off with up to US$400,000 (£290,000) in cryptocurrency after an ingenious attack on Stellar Lumen (XLM) wallet, BlackWallet. In the latest cryptocurrency security incident, hackers managed to compromise the server hosting popular web-based wallet BlackWallet and change

The company trying to be the Google of hacked user credentials says it just obtained another huge leak, this time affecting Twitter users. LeakedSource recently reported it obtained a database of more than 32 million Twitter login credentials from a

Researchers have found a loophole in Intel processors that allow an attacker to bypass logins and place backdoors on laptops, allowing adversaries remote access to laptops. Researchers at F-Secure, that first identified the attack strategy, say the loophole can be

Ransomware & malware multiply Ransomware has been a cash cow for criminals, as well as a disguise for more destructive purposes; for example, Petya looked like ransomware but caused damage by locking up data. All types of users – from