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An airport spokesman said the information screens were taken offline early on Friday to contain an attack similar to so-called “ransomware”. They are now working again at “key locations” including in departures and arrivals, and work is continuing to get

In 2016, Apple’s head of security surprised the attendees of one of the biggest security conference in the world by announcing a bug bounty program for Apple’s mobile operating system iOS. At the beginning, Apple struggled to woo researchers and

Hundreds of millions of records were exposed after a MongoDB server belonging to disaster-recovery firm Veeam was left misconfigured, researchers found. The open server contained a 200-gigabyte database with millions of records. Researcher Bob Diachenko, who discovered the misconfiguration, said

The airline said information like name, address and bank card details like CVC code were compromised. British Airways said approximately 380,000 card payments were compromised after a security breach occurred on the company’s website and mobile app in August. According

Zerodium, the infamous exploit vendor that earlier this year offered $1 million for submitting a zero-day exploit for Tor Browser, today publicly revealed a critical zero-day flaw in the anonymous browsing software that could reveal your identity to the sites

Two high-severity vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Cisco’s security platform that could allow an attacker to gain administrative privileges – and take full control of the impacted machine. The glitches, disclosed Wednesday, affect two parts of Cisco Umbrella, a secure

The systems that power the manufacturing, power and water plants, the oil and gas industry, and many other sectors are increasingly in the crosshairs of cyber-attackers: A full 41.2 percent of industrial control system (ICS) were attacked by malicious software

A vulnerability in Cisco’s Data Center Network Manager could allow a remote attacker to gain access to sensitive information. The vulnerability was rated “High” and if exploited would allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to conduct directory traversal attacks and gain