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Domain Registrars Take Action Against Fraudulent COVID-19 Websites

American domain registration companies are taking steps to combat coronavirus-related fraud. Budget hosting provider Namecheap Inc. has halted automated registration

0patch Releases Free Unofficial Patches for Windows 0days Exploited in the Wild

ACROS Security’s 0patch service released unofficial patches for two Windows flaws actively exploited by attackers in the wild. ACROS Security’s

LORCA Launches Open Call for Fifth Cohort of Cyber-Scaleups

A global open call has been launched by the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) for its fifth cohort

Google Issued 40,000 Alerts of State-Sponsored Attacks in 2019

Google announced to have warned users of almost 40,000 alerts of state-sponsored phishing or malware attacks during 2019. Google shared

Virgin Media Facing Huge Compensation Bill Over Data Breach

Virgin Media could be liable to pay up to GBP4.5bn in compensation following the company’s data breach, in which the

Vulnerability with VLC for iOS Allows Attackers to Steal Data from Storage

A vulnerability with VLC for iOS allows local attackers to steal the data from the storage by just having the

UK Government Uses Zoom Despite MoD Security Concerns

The British government is using popular conferencing platform Zoom to conduct Cabinet meetings, despite reported Ministry of Defence (MoD) warnings

#COVID19 News Links Hijacked With iOS Spyware

Apple iOS users in Hong Kong have been targeted by a large-scale spyware operation using news links posted in popular

BadUSB Stick Mailed to Company From ‘Best Buy’

Security experts have intercepted a highly targeted attack in which a malicious USB device was mailed out to a US

Tekya Clicker Malware Hides in 56 Apps that Downloaded 1 Million Times Worldwide From Google Play

Google implements a number of ways to filter the malicious apps getting into the play store, but still, attackers continue

Unpatched “VPN Bypass” Vulnerability in Apple iOS Let Blocks VPN to Pass The Encrypted Traffic

A new unpatched “VPN Bypass” vulnerability uncovered in Apple iOS block VPNs to encrypt all the traffic that passes through

VPN Usage in US Quadruples

American usage of VPNs has increased by four times since 2010, according to a new study published today by American

Data Deposit Box Exposes PII of 270K Users

A company that provides secure cloud storage services has exposed over a quarter of a million private files uploaded by

All 4G Networks Susceptible to DoS Attacks

New research has uncovered a vulnerability affecting all 4G and some 5G telecommunications networks. A study of the security of

Hackers Hijack D-Link and Linksys Routers to Point Users to Coronavirus-themed Sites Serving Malware

The number of Coronavirus-themed attacks continues to increase, crooks hijack D-Link and Linksys routers to redirect users to sites spreading

#COVID19 Drives Phishing Emails Up 667% in Under a Month

Phishing emails have spiked by over 600% since the end of February as cyber-criminals look to capitalize on the fear