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Security researchers have warned that hackers are using badly-configured Cisco switches to gain entry into the infrastructure of organisations worldwide. According to a blog post by the Cisco Talos team threat actors have leveraged a protocol misuse issue in the

A hardware wallet for virtual currencies with millions of users has been compromised by a 15-year-old security researcher. Saleem Rashid explained how he cracked the firmware on the wallet produced by Ledger in an online post Tuesday. Rashid performed what’s

Cloudflare decided to use April Fool’s Day (4/1) to share some news about four 1’s that could help speed your internet browsing. The company announced today that it’s launching a DNS service for consumers called The company’s tool —

Amidst a major rise in zero-day malware attacks in Q4 2017, researchers have observed how hackers are increasingly using Microsoft Office documents as carriers to deliver malicious payloads in enterprise systems. Amidst a major rise in zero-day malware attacks in

The city of Atlanta is currently being targeted in a ransomware attack impacting several of its departments and crippling government websites that process payments and relay court information. The city, which is the ninth-largest metro area in the U.S., said

BJC HealthCare in the US said a data storage error potentially compromised 33,420 patient records when the information was accidentally made publicly available for nine months. BJC, based in St. Louis, said in a statement that a misconfigured server was

A years ago when the mysterious hacking group ‘The Shadow Brokers’ dumped a massive trove of sensitive data stolen from the US intelligence agency NSA, everyone started looking for secret hacking tools and zero-day exploits. A group of Hungarian security

Telecom giant Swisscom Wednesday disclosed that an unauthorised intruder misappropriated an unnamed sales partner’s access to its data, thereby compromising basic information pertaining to approximately 800,000 customers. In a 7 February press release, the £8.4 billion Switzerland-based company acknowledged that