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An American company dedicated to thwarting cyber-attacks has been snapped up by a global private equity firm. Skyview Capital, LLC announced its acquisition of Fidelis Cybersecurity, Inc yesterday. Fidelis is located in the Maryland town of Bethesda, which a 2015

Oracle has hit an all-time record for number of security fixes issued in a critical patch update (CPU), providing sysadmins with over 330 in its first quarterly release of the decade. The enterprise software giant issued 334 patches in total

Equifax could end up paying as much as $9.5bn following a data breach settlement branded one of the largest in history by its presiding judge. The credit reporting giant suffered a major cyber-attack in 2017 after hackers exploited an unpatched

The FBI has joined forces with the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and other law enforcers to suspend a popular website which sells access to stolen data. The WeLeakInfo[.]com domain was seized by the Feds after the District Court for

AI in Cyber attacks — once relegated to flashy movie scenes and TV dramas — are now becoming a part of our everyday lives. Nearly every week, news breaks out about another data breach at a major corporation, and every

Less than a day after Microsoft disclosed one of the most critical Windows vulnerabilities ever, security researchers have published PoC Exploit that explains how attackers can exploit the Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing bug with cryptographically impersonate any website or server on

New research into the latest victims of Emotet has found increased instances of the malware affecting the United States of America’s government and military. The pernicious malware, which is spread via email, has been infecting organizations all over the world

The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) has announced the 20 scale-ups selected to join its fourth cohort of cyber-innovators. The latest group is LORCA’s largest and most international yet – including companies from the UK, Israel, Spain, Switzerland,

Security experts from Sophos discovered 25 Android apps on the official Google Play that were involved in financial fraud, 600 million affected. Security researchers from Sophos discovered a set of so-called fleeceware apps that have been installed by more than

The December cyber-attack on the southern city of New Orleans has caused over $7m of damage. New Orleans mayor Latoya Cantrell said yesterday that the already alarmingly high figure continues to grow as the city recovers from the incident. A

A worldwide cybersecurity alliance established last year by the International Society of Automation (ISA) has tripled its membership in just six months. The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA) drew its first breath in July 2019. The organization was set up

Business disruption was the main objective of attackers in the last year, with ransomware, DDoS and malware commonly used. According to the CrowdStrike Services Cyber Front Lines Report, which offers observations from its incident response and proactive services, a third

Digital fragmentation and cyber-threats are among the top 10 biggest risks facing global businesses over the coming decade, according to the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) report. The annual Global Risks Report is compiled from interviews with business leaders, academics

Donald Trump has hit out at Apple after it refused to unlock the iPhone of a suspected terrorist shooter who killed three sailors last month, setting the firm on another collision course with the authorities over its stance on user

Researchers discovered 17 malicious Android apps from the Google play store that infects nearly 550,000 Android devices around the world. These malicious app developers added features to hide their presence on the user’s device, and constantly display aggressive ads once

The cybercrime group behind Satan ransomware and other malware seems to be involved in the development of a new threat named 5ss5c. The threat actors behind the Satan, DBGer and Lucky ransomware and likely Iron ransomware, is back with a