Security leakage is a great concern when it comes to data migration. It not only hampers organizational reputation but can jeopardize the privacy of individuals as well. As organizations are digitally transforming their processes/workflows by shifting to the cloud or

In collaboration with the US, Australia is endeavoring to fight the threat of fake news with the creation of a new cybersecurity center, according to The Lead. The Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security and

Researchers at Cisco Talos group have discovered a new exploit kit dubbed Spelevo that spreads via a compromised business-to-business website. Malware researchers at Cisco Talos have discovered a new exploit kit dubbed Spelevo that spreads via a compromised business-to-business website.

Allegedly Western nation-state actors breached the systems of Russian tech giant Yandex in 2018, the attack involved a new variant of the Regin malware. According to the Reuters, Western state-sponsored hackers breached the systems of the Russian tech giant Yandex

Only 10 days after malware researcher Brad Duncan reported analysis on a new variant of Dridex that bypasses mitigation of application whitelisting techniques by disabling or blocking Windows Script Host, eSentire discovered a new infrastructure pointing to a similar Dridex

Another company charged with managing and safeguarding client data, Attunity, left client data files exposed on the internet, according to a June 27 report from UpGuard. The incident has reportedly impacted clients, including Ford and the TD Bank, whose customer

It’s been less than a year since the GDPR began to take effect, yet since GDPR became a law on May 25, 2018, European Data Protection & Data Pri Authorities have received over 95,000 complaints and over 41,500 data breach

The need to demonstrate compliance is the main motivation for privacy technology adoption, according to new findings. According to research of 345 privacy professionals by TrustArc and the IAPP, technology solutions are helping 92% of organizations to keep pace with

Trend Micro has announced that it blocked five million cyber-attack attempts against internet protocol (IP) cameras in just five months, highlighting the security risks that continue to impact IP-based surveillance devices. The security vendor analyzed 7000 anonymously aggregated IP cameras,

A new shocking report reveals eight of the world’s biggest technology service giants hacked by the Chinese Ministry of State Security sponsor hackers since 2014. Suspected hacking attempts are initiated by a team of hackers who resides in China against

Wireless Penetration testing actively examines the process of Information security Measures which is Placed in Wireless Networks and also analyses the Weakness, technical flows, and Critical wireless Vulnerabilities. Most important countermeasures we should focus on Threat Assessment, Data theft Detection,

Silex, a new strain of malware that was used to brick IoT devices, is apparently the work of a 14-year-old boy from Europe, according to an Akamai researcher. The botnet works by trashing the IoT device’s storage, removing the network

Chinese hackers broke into the networks of multiple large technology service providers across the globe and stole commercial secrets as part of a global hacking campaign dubbed Cloud Hopper, according to an exclusive report from Reuters. The attack, which “exploited

An online database containing the records of more than 5 million customers apparently belonging to was left open and accessible to the public, according to a report from Comparitech. In order to get a quote from the TZ Insurance

Bitrue has become the latest cryptocurrency exchange to suffer a major cyber-attack, losing an estimated $4.5m in customer funds in the process. The Singapore-based company revealed the security breach in a series of tweets early this morning. “At approximately 1am

Nearly half of CISOs in the UK, France and Germany believe they’re losing the skills race with cyber-criminals, according to new research from Symantec. The security giant teamed up with London’s Goldsmiths University to poll over 3000 IT security decision