IOTA Foundation behind the IOTA cryptocurrency was forced to shut down its entire network following a cyber attack that resulted

Photos and personal information belonging to patients of the NextMotion plastic surgery tech firm have been exposed online through an

A Chattanooga, Tennessee, information technology infrastructure and cybersecurity consulting firm has unveiled an $8m expansion plan that will see its

A report into the spate of data breaches that ripped through America’s healthcare industry last year has revealed that more

A US education non-profit appears to have unwittingly leaked the personal information of thousands of students after leaving two online

Rutter’s has become the latest US convenience store chain to suffer a breach of customer card data via Point of

Cybercriminals continue to host malicious chrome extensions in Google’s official Chrome Web Store to steal users’ data and redirect users

Threat actors exploiting public interest in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak have baited their phishing traps with a new lure–conspiracy theories

A report looking into the US 2020 Decennial Census has flagged concerns over cybersecurity and questioned whether the personal data

Huawei can secretly tap into communications through the networking equipment, states a U.S. official, while White House urge allies to

A Puerto Rican government agency unintentionally gave cyber-criminals $2.6m after being taken in by an email phishing scam. A senior

You’re hearing the term “Virus” instead of malware after a long time right!! Yes, what you’re hearing is absolutely right.

Speaking at the TEISS conference in London, ClubCISO chair Dr Jessica Barker said that both non-malicious and malicious insiders can

Sophisticated backdoor malware techniques used by state-backed attackers to cripple Ukrainian power stations in 2015 are now being deployed more

Employee awareness needs to be holistic, and not use a blanket approach. Speaking on a panel at the TEISS conference

There were nearly half a million ransomware infections reported globally last year, costing organizations at least $6.3bn in ransom demands

Estee Lauder is the latest big-name brand to suffer an embarrassing data leak after a researcher discovered 440 million records

Google continues to enhance the safety of Google Play with continuous improvements, enhancements, and teams to fight against malicious apps


IT Security

Proactive Controls for Software developers describing the more critical areas that software developers must focus to develop a secure application.

Nowadays, employees, customers, and stakeholders at all levels are adopting BYOD onboarding practices. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible for companies to

In general, the most secure software is open source. Even old, underfunded open-source security projects can still withstand the onslaught


In earlier years, everyone depends on SOC (includes firewalls, WAF, SIEM,etc.) and the prioritize in building the SOC provides security

In the first phase of architecturing the SOC, we have seen the basic level understanding of the attacks and necessary

This article will help you to understand the modern cyber threats and the most commonly used attack surfaces behind any

Industrial & OT Security

In the IoT Ecosystem, Not too long ago in history, the idea that people and objects could be inter-connected would

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is made up of interconnected sensors, instruments and other devices networked together with ICS/SCADA

Nearly 60% of surveyed organizations using SCADA or ICS reported they experienced a breach in those systems in the last


CASB definition Think of cloud access security brokers (CASBs) as central data authentication and encryption hubs for everything your enterprise

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications into the public and private cloud infrastructure to achieve cloud’s agility, resiliency

Cloud Security Solutions is one of the challenging tasks while performing the cloud migration for any organization and they need



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