For merchants and banks, payment fraud can lead to heavy financial losses and a serious besmirching of reputation. Business and

Visiting a newly registered domain (NRD) is the digital equivalent of picking up a hitchhiker: it might all go smoothly

If you don’t know what ransomware is, chances are you haven’t been victimized – yet. Let’s clear the fog. Ransomware

Facebook has announced an expansion to its bug bounty program covering third-party apps that abuse user data, to include the

The figures aren’t encouraging: Recent reports have concluded that most employees don’t know much about cybersecurity best practices. The third-annual

How much should an organization spend on security? The simple answer: It depends. Factors such as the sort of business

Google has been forced to remove 85 adware-laden gaming and photo apps from its official Play store which had been

A website that shares adult content has caused blushes of a different kind by leaking the private data of 1.195

Security researcher successfully Jailbreak the latest version of iOS 12.4 by taking advantage of the unpatched vulnerability that has been

VideoLAN has released VLC 3.0.8 with the fix for 13 security vulnerabilities that allows a remote attacker to crash the

Webmin, the popular open-source web-based interface for Unix admin contained a remote code execution vulnerability for more than a year.

A study conducted by researchers at Cyjax revealed that organizations expose sensitive data via sandboxes used for malware analysis. Experts

Research giant Gartner Inc. has named BlackBerry a Magic Quadrant Leader for the forth consecutive year. The Canadian multinational is

About the only thing shifting as fast as the cyber threat landscape is the typical enterprise’s org chart. As enterprises

The state of Texas has come under fire from a coordinated ransomware attack affecting over 20 local authorities. The Texas

A new app dubbed Bluetana allows users to detect Bluetooth based skimmers hidden in gas pumps. These Bluetooth skimmers also

Police chiefs are warning of delays to investigations and court cases after it emerged that a ransomware attack on a

Researchers discovered nearly 85 malicious adware apps in Google play store that intended to upload for delivering adware and monetize


IT Security

This article covers Active directory penetration testing that can help for penetration testers and security experts who want to secure

Businesses that are growing are always trying to expand in all departments and to do that they need a website

Commando VM 2.0, a new version of Windows-based security distribution released for penetration testing community and red teamers with updated


In earlier years, everyone depends on SOC (includes firewalls, WAF, SIEM,etc.) and the prioritize in building the SOC provides security

Web-based applications security relies on a number of factors among them is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Cyberattacks are pouring

Today’s Cyber security operations center (CSOC) should have everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the ever-changing information

Industrial & OT Security

In the IoT Ecosystem, Not too long ago in history, the idea that people and objects could be inter-connected would

Opsec definition Operations security, or opsec, is a process by which organizations assess and protect public data about themselves that

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is made up of interconnected sensors, instruments and other devices networked together with ICS/SCADA


CASB definition Think of cloud access security brokers (CASBs) as central data authentication and encryption hubs for everything your enterprise

Research shows that organizations are moving systems and data to the cloud in rising numbers. Security when working in the

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications into the public and private cloud infrastructure to achieve cloud’s agility, resiliency



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