Companies spend big to defend their networks and assets from cyber threats. Kaspersky Labs has found security budgets within enterprises

For the first time, the North Korean APT Lazarus group seems to be participating in coordinated attacks against Russian-based companies.

Microsoft says Russian APT28 group carried out multiple cyberattacks on democratic institutions in Europe between September and December 2018. Microsoft

There was a major rise in Chinese state-sponsored cyber-activity in 2018 while Russian actors were by far the most operationally

Experts have welcomed the introduction of a new globally applicable European standard designed to drive improvements in baseline security for

Ethical hackers have to “pretend and think like a criminal” as attackers think in the opposite way that a defender

The private data of students at Stanford University was exposed after someone changed a numeric ID in a URL that

Over the last few days, a phishing campaign from DHL and entitled “DHL Shipment Notification” has been targeted users worldwide

As the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to fluctuate while governments consider marketplace regulations, J.P. Morgan announced that

Last year was the second highest on record in terms of data breaches and leaks, with over 6500 reported, according

The Trickbot banking trojan continues to evolve, Trend Micro detected a new variant that includes a new module used for

Security researchers have spotted a mass data leak from an unsecured database which exposed the personal details of over 2.5

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has blamed a “sophisticated state actor” for the recent attempt to hack the parliament’s computer

Last week, Aleksa Sarai, a senior software engineer at SUSE Linux GmbH, disclosed a serious vulnerability tracked CVE-2019-5736 affecting runc,

Most of us know MITRE and the ATT&CK(TM) framework that they have come up with. What a splendid job they

Security experts at Carbon Black have recently discovered a new strain of the Shlayer malware that targets macOS versions. Security

It has never been easier for cybercriminals to infect your business with malware or ransomware. A vast array of malware

UK and US CISOs are facing burnout as they struggle to cope with escalating cyber-threats, insufficient budgets and a lack


IT Security

Data privacy has made big headlines in the last 12 months. Wherever we look there is an article about a

Like most humans, I’m more vocal about the things I don’t like and less likely to crow about the things

Cloud-based endpoint security company CrowdStrike has launched a new platform that allows other security vendors to use its own software


IoT Devices at a Risk

Security researchers at Senrio, an IoT focused security firm, have a discovered a stack buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-9765) in an

News of the second Kmart credit-card breach in three years at the retailer and the number of breaches at financial

VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, allows businesses to make free, or very low-cost, telephone calls over the Internet.

Industrial & OT Security

Nearly 60% of surveyed organizations using SCADA or ICS reported they experienced a breach in those systems in the last

Microsoft last week unveiled Trusted Cyber Physical Systems (TCPS), a new solution designed to help protect critical infrastructure against modern


On a day by day basis do IOT (Internet of Things) and SCADA become more integrated in our lives. However,


Network and endpoint security company, Sophos, announced today that it has acquired Avid Secure, a cloud infrastructure security company that

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is looking to realign channel partners in Europe around the cloud and shift their mindset from selling

New AES-256 encryption for data at rest, more efficient storage APIs and a revamped Storage Explorer app are among Azure



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