Computer virus definition A computer virus is a form of malicious software that piggybacks onto legitimate application code in order

Security experts at Trend Micro have discovered that iOS URL scheme could allow an attacker to hijack users’ accounts via

A security researcher reported a critical vulnerability that allows malicious hackers to hack Instagram account and take complete control of

Cybersecurity incidents have cost UK mid-market firms a combined GBP30bn over the past year as automated attacks become the norm,

Some of the crooks behind the Dridex Trojan have split from the gang and released a forked version of the

The US Coast Guard recommended that ships update their cybersecurity strategies after a malware attack “significantly” degraded the computer systems

A critical security flaw dubbed “Media File Jacking” affected WhatsApp and Telegram for Android let hackers manipulate both apps media

A critical remote code execution vulnerability in WordPress plugin Ad Inserter, let hackers execute arbitrary PHP code in the vulnerable

US telecommunications company Sprint revealed that hackers compromised an unknown number of customer accounts via the “add a line” website. The

Experts at Vertical Structure and WhiteHat Security discovered a serious flaw that exposed millions of files stored on thousands of

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning about DNS hijacking threats, as reports emerge of widespread

On July 6, a ransomware attack brought down government computer systems at La Porte County, Indiana, finally, the county decided

Japanese Exchange Bitpoint Hit By $32m Cyber-Attack Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has become the latest to lose tens of millions

Security experts at Emsisoft released a new decryptor, it could be used for free by victims of the Ims00rry ransomware to

A critical vulnerability affecting the Ad Inserter WordPress plugin could be exploited by authenticated attackers to remotely execute PHP code. Security researchers at Wordfence

Monroe College Campuses Downed by Ransomware Multiple campuses of Monroe College have had their systems downed after a ransomware attack

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young announced last week that the U.S. Conference of Mayors (UCSM) passed a resolution calling on mayors

A serious vulnerability in Walkie-Talkie App on Apple Watch forced the tech giant to disable the applications to avoid attackers


IT Security

As companies get better at analyzing log data to spot potential security threats, legacy applications create blindspots that can be

SPARTA is GUI application developed with python and inbuilds Network Penetration Testing Kali Linux tool. It simplifies scanning and enumeration

Single sign-on (SSO) centralizes session and user authentication services, requiring just one set of login credentials for multiple applications. This


In earlier years, everyone depends on SOC (includes firewalls, WAF, SIEM,etc.) and the prioritize in building the SOC provides security

Web-based applications security relies on a number of factors among them is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Cyberattacks are pouring

Today’s Cyber security operations center (CSOC) should have everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the ever-changing information

Industrial & OT Security

Opsec definition Operations security, or opsec, is a process by which organizations assess and protect public data about themselves that

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is made up of interconnected sensors, instruments and other devices networked together with ICS/SCADA

In many organizations, traditional IT and critical Operational Technology (OT) networks are being merged to take advantage of the speed


Research shows that organizations are moving systems and data to the cloud in rising numbers. Security when working in the

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications into the public and private cloud infrastructure to achieve cloud’s agility, resiliency

Containerization continues to gain popularity with many large enterprises, where thousands of new containers can be deployed every day. Containerization



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