HelpSystems Expands Cybersecurity Portfolio Through Latest Acquisition
February 4, 2021 Share

HelpSystems Expands Cybersecurity Portfolio Through Latest Acquisition

HelpSystems Expands Cybersecurity Portfolio Through Latest Acquisition

HelpSystems has announced a new acquisition to further boost its security product offerings. Cloud security company Digital Defense will join HelpSystems’ growing cybersecurity portfolio to enable customers to access a more comprehensive security assessment toolkit.

The deal is the latest in a number of recent acquisitions announced by HelpSystems, following the additions of the data classification companies Titus and Boldon James last June, cloud-based data protection provider Vera in December 2020, and FileCatalyst at the start of this year.

The IT software firm has now added Digital Defense’s cloud native vulnerability scanning engine to its cybersecurity product portfolio. This enables organizations in industries such as healthcare, legal and financial services to proactively detect security gaps in their infrastructure and rapidly take action to protect against internal and external cyber-threats.

A feature of the vulnerability scanning engine is its ability to allow pen-testers to focus on identified issues rather than blindly testing the entire network. Digital Defense also has a team of US-based pen-testers to carry out tests on behalf of organizations that lack the expertise to undertake this function.

Kate Bolseth, CEO at HelpSystems, commented: “Every day we have customers who want to know what they can do to strengthen their security postures and protect their employees, customers and sensitive information from malicious actors.

“The addition of Digital Defense offers threat-weary IT teams the capabilities they need to increase infrastructure security on two fronts: via leading-edge vulnerability management technology as well as seasoned pen-testing resources to broaden our existing expertise. We are so happy to welcome the team and the award-winning products they’ve developed to HelpSystems.”

Larry Hurtado, president and CEO, Digital Defense, said: “Digital Defense will continue to protect the ever-expanding IT underpinnings of thousands of organizations as part of HelpSystems.

“This powerful combination not only enables our customers to take advantage of HelpSystems’ broad security and automation solutions, but it also gives us more horsepower to continue to advance how organizations around the world understand and address information security.”

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