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Security professionals are still making a poor job of getting business leaders to understand strategies. Speaking during the Gartner Security and Risk Virtual Summit, VP analyst Jeffrey Wheatman claimed security professionals are “fighting a battle with ourselves and our business

Tens of thousands of US veterans have had their personal information illegally accessed in a data breach incident announced on Monday. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Management revealed that 46,000 veterans had been affected by the

Around 2000 e-commerce stores running the popular Magento software were attacked over the weekend, in the largest recorded campaign of its kind, according to researchers. Sansec’s Threat Research Team warned that the 1904 Magecart attacks it detected targeted e-stores running

Hackers compromised nearly two thousand Magento stores in the largest ever web skimming campaign that targets Magento stores. The previous record of several stores hacked in a day is 962, that attack happened in July last year. The increase in

Thousands of Magento online stores have been hacked over the past few days as part of the largest ever skimming campaign. Security experts from cybersecurity firm Sansec reported that nearly 2,000 Magento online stores have been hacked over the past

Privacy issues have been detected in an official application of the Joe Biden campaign. The Vote Joe app uses relational organizing to allow users to share data about themselves and their contacts with a voter database run by Target Smart,

A large proportion of employees are using their own devices to access data belonging to their company, according to a new study by Trend Micro. Researchers found that 39% of workers use personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access corporate

The notion of zero trust in cybersecurity is a misunderstood term, according to Neil MacDonald, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner. Speaking during the Gartner Security and Risk Virtual Summit, MacDonald noted that extending trust is in fact necessary for

A plea by a blockchain voting company for the US Supreme Court to consider good-faith security researchers a threat to cybersecurity has been opposed by industry leaders. The plea was put forward by the company Voatz in the form of

The top security projects for 2020 and 2021 include focus on the cloud, authentication and risk. Speaking at the Gartner Security and Risk Virtual Summit, Gartner analyst Brian Reed said the initial forecast on projects had changed due to COVID-19,

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity to create new security and risk professionals with “endless” opportunities. Those were the words of Jeffrey Wheatman, Gartner VP analyst, speaking in the opening keynote of the Gartner Security and Risk Virtual Summit.

Zerologon attack allows threat actors to take over enterprise networks by exploiting the CVE-2020-1472 patched in the August 2020 Patch Tuesday. Administrators of enterprise Windows Servers have to install the August 2020 Patch Tuesday as soon as possible to protect their

Oracle appears to be in the driving seat to secure a much-touted deal with TikTok-owner ByteDance, although as a partner rather than owner of the social app. Microsoft, which was the first to announce its intention to bid for the

The Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) has today announced the appointment of Harsh Sutaria as its first chief innovation officer. The FRA is a forensic accounting, data governance, information management and compliance consultancy firm specializing in international corruption and fraud investigations.

Security researchers have discovered hundreds of vulnerabilities across major hotel and airline and travel booking websites, some of which have already suffered major breaches. UK-based consumer rights group Which? and tech consultancy 6point6 studied 98 travel sector companies, probing websites,

An Elasticsearch server containing personal details of hundreds of thousands of dating site users were exposed online without authentication. The unsecured database was discovered by security researchers from vpnMentor at the end of August. “vpnMentor’s research team recently received a report from