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Most of us know MITRE and the ATT&CK(TM) framework that they have come up with. What a splendid job they have done for the cyber security community by bringing most of the key attack vectors under an organized framework that

Security experts at Carbon Black have recently discovered a new strain of the Shlayer malware that targets macOS versions. Security experts at Carbon Black have recently spotted a new strain of the Shlayer malware that targets MacOS versions from 10.10.5

It has never been easier for cybercriminals to infect your business with malware or ransomware. A vast array of malware tools can be bought on the dark web, complete with helpdesks for hackers, making the barrier to entry low. Most

UK and US CISOs are facing burnout as they struggle to cope with escalating cyber-threats, insufficient budgets and a lack of engagement from the board, according to Nominet. The DNS security provider commissioned Osterman Research to poll over 400 security

A software company has been forced to remind customers to patch a two-year-old flaw in a third-party plug-in, after reports it is being exploited to infect scores of companies with GandCrab ransomware via their managed security provider (MSP). The issue

Google has claimed it’s getting better at spotting bad apps on its Play Store marketplace, with the number of rejected submissions and suspensions both growing into the double digits last year. The Android platform has often been criticized by security

Experts at Trend Micro have detected a new strain of MacOS malware that hides inside a Windows executable to avoid detection. Security experts at Trend Micro have spotted a new strain of MacOS malware disguises itself as a Windows executable

A new batch of 127 million records appears in the dark web, this time the huge trove of data appears to be originated from eight companies. A hacker that goes online with the moniker ‘gnosticplayers‘ is offering for sale the

A new Astaroth Trojan campaign was spotted by the Cybereason’s Nocturnus team, hackers are targeting Brazil and European countries. Researchers at Cybereason’s Nocturnus team have uncovered a new Astaroth Trojan campaign that is currently exploiting the Avast antivirus and security

Russia plans to disconnect the country from the internet as part of an experiment aimed at testing the response to cyber attacks that should isolate it. Russia plans to conduct the country from the Internet for a limited period of

Two different WordPress plugins have caused a few headaches this week. Hackers reportedly exploited an old vulnerability found in the WordPress plugin WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder, according to Wordfence. A second and critical vulnerability was also found

Attackers use rootkits to hide malware on a device in a way that allows it to persist undetected over time, sometimes for years. During that time, it can steal data or resources, or surveil communications. Operating system-based rootkits are scary

In the aftermath of multiple reports that millions of stolen records were dumped on the dark web, the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel confirmed that the accounts of approximately six million users were compromised in a breach, according to a

In January, security researchers from Symantec found cryptomining applications in the Microsoft App Store, but they were published in the store between April and December 2018. It’s not clear how many users downloaded or installed the apps, but they had

I just got back from attending IBM Think in San Francisco. Though it was a quick trip across the country, I was inundated with IBM’s vision, covering topics from A (i.e. artificial intelligence) to Z (i.e. System Z) and everything

A leading Maltese bank is resuming its services today after shutting down operations following a major cyber-attack on Wednesday. The Bank of Valetta (BOV) said in a notice on Thursday morning that customers could once again use ATMs, online banking,