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A new report indicates that the web skimming attacks on popular US and European online stores linked with North Korean state-sponsored hackers. Sansec research shows that APT Lazarus/HIDDEN COBRA hacking group break into the websites of large US retailers and

The number of UK business falling victim to cybercrime has doubled over the past five years, costing the economy an estimated tens of billions in the process, according to new research from Beaming. The business ISP polled over 2500 companies

North Korean hackers appear to have been breaking into US e-commerce stores since May 2019 and planting digital skimming code to make money for the hermit nation. Researchers at Sansec claimed today that the notorious Lazarus (Hidden Cobra) group was

A Google VP has ignited a fierce debate in the cybersecurity industry over the use of potentially discriminatory language after withdrawing from the upcoming Black Hat USA virtual event in protest. David Kleidermacher, who is VP of Android security and

Experts spotted recent samples of the Snake ransomware that were isolating the infected systems while encrypting files to avoid interference. Experts from cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct recently spotted some sample of the Snake ransomware (also known as EKANS) were observed isolating the infected systems to

A new browser extension published dubbed Behave! that warns the user if the website tries to perform a port scan or launch DNS based attacks. The web sites port scanning issue came into light after a script found on the

A Vulnerability Scanning Tools is one of the essential tools in IT departments Since vulnerabilities pop up every day and thus leaving a loophole for the organization. The Vulnerability scanning tools helps in detecting security loopholes with the application, operating

Critical security vulnerabilities discovered with the F5 BIG-IP application delivery controller (ADC) let remote attackers to run commands and to compromise the system. The BIG-IP application delivery controller (ADC) use to handle application traffic and secure your infrastructure. Based on

A new piece of ransomware dubbed Try2Cry leverages infected USB flash drives and Windows shortcuts (LNK files) to infect other Windows systems. A new ransomware dubbed Try2Cry implements wormable capabilities to infect other Windows systems by using USB flash drives or Windows shortcuts (LNK files).

LinkedIn caught snooping on the clipboard data of every keystroke, the issue was discovered with the beta version of iOS 14. The LinkedIn iOS app is responsible for the privacy-intrusive behavior that spotted by a developer who goes with the

Spyse is a cybersecurity search engine that has caught the attention of many pentesters due to its unique data-gathering design. Most services offer scanning tools, and Spyse places itself on a different tier by combining those tools into a search

The National Security Agency released guidance this week on securing IPsec virtual private networks as companies across the US continue to grapple with remote working in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The advice included a warning not to rely

The root cause of a series of explosions at important facilities in Iran may be cyberattacks allegedly launched by Israel. A recent sequence of fires and explosions at important Iranian facilities may have been caused by cyber attacks as part

Just like jokes, sometimes the old vulnerabilities are the best ones. So, stop us if you’ve heard this before: ransomware criminals are still using malicious Excel 4.0 macros in campaigns. This week, Microsoft’s security intelligence team noted that Avaddon was

It isn’t often that you hear the words “breach,” “privacy,” and “moose” in the same sentence, but thanks to the province of Nova Scotia, that just changed. The maritime province on Canada’s East Coast was dealing with the publicity fallout

A record number of teenagers have enrolled in the National Cyber Security Center’s (NCSC) CyberFirst summer courses this year, with classes held online for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the NCSC plans to offer