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The government department that is responsible for implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has committed an email faux pas with UK journalists which could also mean it has broken its own rules. Flagged by Guardian journalist Alex Hern on

A new study from Outpost24 has discovered that almost one in four (23%) organizations do not carry out any form of security testing on their products before they are launched into the market. The cyber-assessment firm surveyed 121 security professionals

Cyberattacks are always evolving and hackers are always one step ahead of enterprises. Ransomware, DDoS, Man-in-the-middle, Phishing and more, their hacking methodologies always seems to evolve, especially the recent cryptojacking takedowns. Enterprises are always requested to keep their security procedures

India’s Leading outsourcing giant Wipro Ltd confirmed that some of its employee accounts have been hacked in an advanced phishing campaign. The company detected an abnormal activity in a few of his employee accounts on its network. Kerbs On Security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched its latest annual search for the hottest cybersecurity start-ups in the country. The NCSC Cyber Accelerator is a government-funded initiative that claims to have doled out GBP20m in investment since its

Scranos is a powerful cross-platform rootkit-enabled spyware discovered while investigating malware posing as legitimate software like video players, drivers and even anti-virus products. The Scranos rootkit malware was first discovered late last year when experts at Bitdefender were analyzing a

Cyber security firm FireEye announced the release of FLASHMINGO, a new open source tool designed to automate the analysis of Adobe Flash files. FireEye released FLASHMINGO, a new open source tool designed to automate the analysis of Adobe Flash files.

Blue Cross of Idaho announced to have suffered a data breach, hackers accessed to the personal information of about 5,600 customers. Blue Cross of Idaho announced suffered a data breach that might have exposed the personal information of about 5,600

A spear-phishing email campaign targeting government entities in Ukraine could have been active as early as 2014, according to FireEye. In a blog post published on April 16, 2019, FireEye Threat Intelligence found the latest spear-phishing email in early 2019,

Data breaches have become ubiquitous in today’s businesses. In a world where companies of all shapes and sizes can become cyber attack victims, how you handle a data breach becomes critically important. Maersk and Norsk Hydro were praised for their

Expert discovered an exploit that could allow ad blocking filter list maintainers for the Adblock Plus, AdBlock, and uBlocker browser extensions to craft filters to inject remote scripts into web sites. ad blocking extensions receive in input a list of

Instagram users are being warned not to fall for a new phishing scam doing the rounds which aims to harvest log-ins and spread worm-like across the social network. According to Twitter users who have posted screenshots of the scam, users

Most malware authors have become lazy in the past few years, copying code and techniques from each other. A few, however, “have invested in really fresh ideas,” building tools that are often difficult to detect by antivirus software and pose

A miner malware that uses a number of techniques that includes EternalBlue, Powershell abuse, pass-the-hash technique, Windows admin tools, and brute force to infect windows machine and to drop a Monero miner. According to Trend Micro telemetry, the threat actors

Cybercriminals are activity performing SIM swap Attack in various countries to bypass 2 Factor Authentication and to compromise the various social media apps including WhatsApp by porting a victims telephone number to a new SIM card. This widespread attack causing

Today, Kaspersky Labs announced that it had detected a “previously unknown vulnerability” in Microsoft Windows, which was exploited by an unidentified criminal group. The company theorizes that it was an attempt to gain full control over a targeted device. The