Researchers have once again spotted crooks using calendar invitations to mount phishing attacks. The Cofense Phishing Defense Center found the attack in enterprise email environments protected by Proofpoint and Microsoft, it announced last week. The phishing scam uses iCalendar, which

ESET is the latest security company to notice a sharp spike in RDP-based hacks over the last few months. The anti-malware company spotted a rise in the number of brute-force attacks using the remote access protocol, and said that cyber-criminals

Tens of organizations in the United States have been targeted with the recently discovered WastedLocker ransomware. The malicious code was first documented by researchers from the NCC Group’s report and later Symantec published its own analysis. Security experts from Symantec reported that

Amid all the COVID-19 chaos, as people get limited to their homes, the world is seeing a significant shift towards remote work culture. Although this shift helps to save people from the pandemic, it puts them under a different kind

The University Of California San Francisco finally confirmed that it had forked over $1.14m to ransomware thieves last week, less than a month after discovering that critical academic data related to its COVID-19 research had been encrypted. The university said

The government of India has taken a huge step against Chinese technology dominance in India and banned 59 Chinese made Apps including some of the most famous Chinese applications TikTok, UC Browser, Shareit, Virus Cleaner, UC News, ES File Explorer

Malware incidents fell by 23% in 2019 despite an overall increase in security events, according to Orange Cyberdefense in its inaugural Security Navigator report. The findings suggest that businesses have grown investment in technologies that protect themselves from these kinds

Researchers revealed that the number of daily brute-force attacks on Windows RDP has doubled during the pandemic lockdown. Security experts from ESET revealed that the number of daily brute-force attacks on Windows RDP has doubled during the COVID-19 lockdown. The

Coronavirus poses a huge impact globally, most of the countries in lockdown and some countries returning to some sort of normality. Organizations also under risk of being impacted by a malicious coronavirus-related website depends on whether the country it is

A new malware dubbed GoldenSpy is being distributed embedded in tax payment software that some businesses operating in China are required to install. GoldenSpy is a new backdoor that is being distributed embedded in tax payment software (the Aisino Intelligent

Organizations doing business in China have been warned that official looking software mandated for download by domestic banks may actually contain backdoor malware. Trustwave explained in a new report that it discovered several clients had unwittingly installed the GoldenSpy backdoor

An open letter has been sent to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking for an update to the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) as it marks its 30th anniversary of reaching royal assent.. Coordinated by the CyberUp Campaign, a group of

Over one million North American students have had their data exposed after a popular online learning platform left it in a publicly accessible cloud database, according to vpnMentor. Researchers from the firm claimed that the Elasticsearch database belonging to provider

Researchers observed a malicious Docker Hub account, “azurenql” that was active since October 2019 hosting malicious images to mine cryptocurrency, Monero. According to wallet IDs, it was found the attacker earned 525.38 XMR, which roughly around 30000 USD based on

Experts are warning of a new phishing campaign aimed at Office 365 users that are returning to the workplace with Coronavirus training resources. Threat actors continue to use Coronavirus lures adapting their technique to the current situation. The attack techniques

Not even a pandemic can slow down, let alone stop, credit card fraud. A Wall Street Journal report reveals that the amount of fraudulent credit card charges rose by 35% year-over-year in April. This increase appears extraordinary given the significant