A free cybersecurity helpline was launched today by London digital privacy and security company Clario. The helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available to anyone in the world who needs support on how

With this article, we list some of the common web application attacks, impacts, and possible mitigation. In part -4 we are covering the following attacks. Click-jacking Strict transport security not enforced Failure to restrict URL access Parameter Manipulation URL Redirection

An ongoing, multi-year cyber-espionage campaign targeted individuals in south-east Asia hundreds of times with malware that bypassed Google Play filters, according to Kaspersky. Active since at least 2015, the PhantomLance campaign is thought to be the work of OceanLotus (aka

Twitter has announced it is to switch off its SMS-based service in most countries for security reasons, marking the end of an era for the social network. When it was first launched, the service was specifically built around SMS, with

Shade ransomware first spotted in late 2014, also known as Troldesh or Encoder.858. The ransomware distributed specifically through malicious email attachments. The origin of the ransomware believed to be from Russia, the ransom notes found to be written in both

A model for a contact tracing app that protects personal data has been developed by an interdisciplinary team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The researchers have created an encryption process that enables people who have come into close

A major US pharmaceutical firm has revealed that ransomware attackers recently encrypted its servers and stole corporate and employee data. ExecuPharm explained in a breach notification to the Office of the Vermont Attorney General that the incident occurred on March

Adobe released emergency security updates that resolve critical vulnerabilities with three of it’s most used products such as Adobe Illustrator, Bridge, and Magento commerce. Adobe Illustrator – APSB20-20 Security updates fixed 5 critical vulnerabilities with Adobe Illustrator 2020 for Windows

Rapid7 has become the latest big-name security vendor to invest in new cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities, with the acquisition of DivvyCloud today. The security analytics and automation vendor will pay $145m in cash and stock for the Arlington,

A COVID-19 tracking app introduced by the Australian government has been informing users who haven’t even been tested for the novel coronavirus that they have contracted the bug. The CovidSafe app went live at 6pm on April 26 and was

A cybersecurity company is offering free training courses to help keep businesses cyber-safe. Fortinet has made all its online training programs free for the remainder of 2020 to address the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry, outlined in the 2019

The banking Trojan Grandoreiro has been taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to attack users, an analysis by ESET has shown. The internet security company has found the Trojan hiding in videos on fake websites that promise to provide vital

A majority of cybersecurity professionals have said that their job functions have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 90% now working remotely full-time. According to a survey of 256 cybersecurity professionals by (ISC)2, 81% of respondents, all responsible for

Muscovite fraudsters are capitalizing on the city’s COVID-19 lockdown by offering to sell desperate citizens the digital passes they now need to travel around the city. Singapore-based security vendor Group-IB said it had helped identify 126 websites, Telegram channels and

Researchers uncovered a simple flaw that existed in nearly 28 Antivirus software that allows malware authors to exploit the system and disable the Antivirus software also turn them into self-destructive tools. The bug abusing the directory junctions (Windows) and symlinks

Microsoft has patched a subdomain takeover vulnerability in Microsoft Teams that affects every user who uses the Teams desktop or web browser version. Microsoft Teams is a leading communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace features such as chat, video