We’re all familiar with the SMS text message based security codes used as a security feature by huge numbers of websites from social networks to email to online payments. This is the feature that aims to verify your identity after

One of the biggest challenges for hackers who want to get into more secure and isolated networks is physical. If the network is well protected, you might need to be physically close to it to hack it—and standing around with

Popular online messaging service WhatsApp has made all sorts of security news in recent years. One of WhatApp’s early cryptographic SNAFUs involved using non-secret information to construct secret encryption keys, which is a bit like using your pet’s name as

The founder of an “ethical hacking” community in China, Fang Xiaodun, was arrested by Chinese authorities a week ago according to Chinese news outlet Caixinwang. With up to 5,000 members, Wooyun was considered to be China’s largest community of white-hat

Democratic Party officials said Friday they have been targeted by a fresh cyber attack, similar to a breach at the Democratic National Committee that resulted in an embarrassing leak of party emails. The revelation will raise further questions in the

The Locky ransomware has become the No. 1 email-borne threat, overtaking Dridex and making good use of JavaScript attachments to lead an explosion of malicious message volume. According to the latest Proofpoint Quarterly Threat Summary, malicious mails were up 230%

A major cybersecurity skills shortage across key global markets is putting organizations directly at risk of attack, according to new Intel Security research. The security giant teamed up with research institution the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to

Security experts have warned travelers to the Rio Olympics and those searching for updates back at the office to exercise extra caution in order to avoid what’s likely to be a barrage of cyber threats. The Summer Games kick off