Founder of China’s largest ‘ethical hacking’ community arrested
July 31, 2016
Seid Yassin (400 articles)

Founder of China’s largest ‘ethical hacking’ community arrested

The founder of an “ethical hacking” community in China, Fang Xiaodun, was arrested by Chinese authorities a week ago according to Chinese news outlet Caixinwang.

With up to 5,000 members, Wooyun was considered to be China’s largest community of white-hat hackers. The computer specialists break into information systems to discover loopholes, allowing the system owners to strengthen safeguards and defend themselves from malicious hackers.

Around ten senior members of Wooyun – including Fang – were taken away by police without specific charges being made a week ago, according to a source cited by Caixinwang.

“Everything happened very abruptly, even members within Wooyun were kept in the dark,” said the source. “People from Wooyun said there was no administrative procedures nor prior notice for the arrest,” the source added.

Fang was seen at a white-hat hacker convention hosted by Wooyun between July 8 to 9. According to people present at the convention, Fang was not acting unusually and seemed to be emotionally stable at the time.

Website suspended indefinitely

The Wooyun founder had stopped updating his WeChat account on July 18, which was the day before Wooyun’s official website was suspended indefinitely. On July 20, Wooyun released a public notice saying that the site is undergoing an upgrade and would return in “the shortest amount of time.” The site has yet to be re-activated as of July 29.

According to the source, the site was not censored by external parties but instead was shut down by Wooyun members themselves as a means to minimise risk.

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