The story of the February cyberattack on the Bank of Bangladesh that sought $1 billion — and achieved $81 million — keeps looking more and more like a Hollywood caper movie. The first account of the attack said it was

Security researchers at McAfee Labs have come across a new malware family that is abusing a secret Easter Egg in Microsoft Windows called “GodMode.” GodMode consists of a piece of code that Microsoft left inside Windows since Vista that allows

Conficker, Ramnit malware found in Gundremmingen ‘harmless’ since the affected systems were not connected to the Internet. A German nuclear power plant near Munich reportedly was found infected with malware. RWE, the German utility that runs the facility, has confirmed

IBM malware murderer Limor Kessem says Android VXers are using legitimate screen overlay features to hose handsets. Screen overlays do what it says on the can: applications with appropriate permission can monitor other apps and then overlay to allow entry

The American Dental Association (ADA) says it may have inadvertently mailed malware-laced USB thumb drives to thousands of dental offices nationwide. The problem first came to light in a post on the DSL Reports Security Forum. DSLR member “Mike” from Pittsburgh

Waze has a vulnerability that could allow a ghost vehicle to track the movements of other vehicles on the network, according to researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The researchers, mostly chaps called Wang, published their findings in

In 2013, security organization Security Explorations discovered a security vulnerability in Java 7u25 by which an attacker could completely escape the Java sandbox. Oracle released a patch in update 7u40, but as Security Explorations announced earlier this year, the patch only addressed the proof

Last Sunday night, in the darkest corners of the internet — where no one knows your name or what you look like — 250 people from across the globe fired up their anonymous Tor browsers, connected to the dark web and logged into an