Hackers using free wi-fi to get your personal information
April 28, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Hackers using free wi-fi to get your personal information

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — Cyber security is one of the biggest threats we face this day and age.
We hear about people getting our personal information by hacking into stores, but it can also happen closer to home by you using free wi-fi.

Hackers are able to make fake wi-fi networks, and they’ll mask them as a real wi-fi network.
If you’re using the wi-fi at a restaurant or store the hacker will kick your phone off the wi-fi and make you join theirs, but because it’s named the same thing you don’t notice.

Corey Carter, an I.T. specialist, says this happened to him last weekend. He says he didn’t realize what happened until he got home and saw the mouse on his computer moving without him touching it.

The hacker used his phone to get into his home network. He says it’s because his phone saves the password to connect to his home wi-fi so he won’t have to enter it every time he wants to connect to his wi-fi.

He says the hacker was on his computer going to websites like paypal and other banking sites hoping he had the passwords saved on them so that the hacker could get into his accounts.

“If you use Google Chrome, every time you use a password it pops up saying do you want to save your password and if you’re smart enough, you want to say no. But a lot of people say yes out of convenience,” Carter said. “It’s not a good idea to save any of your passwords on your browser because if anything happens, he can go and grab that and get into your bank accounts.”

He says saving passwords just makes it easier for hackers to get into your accounts.

He recommends setting up dual authentication. That way if another computer or phone tries to get into your account, they would have to answer security questions. It could also send you a text, give you a call, or e-mail you if someone is trying to get into your account so that you have to verify it first.

Carter also recommends getting some type of anti-virus software that will let you know if someone has gotten into your home network.

Carter was able to catch this hacker, but he says some hackers will put a virus on your computer causing it to lock so you can’t use it. He says the hacker will then make you pay a fee to get back into your computer, otherwise it will have to be completely wiped.

He says other hackers use a keylogger so they can see what you’re typing and find out your passwords. If you use the same password for several sites, they only have to see you type it into one website to get access to several accounts.

Carter says the hacker would have to be nearby to get into your phone, so they could be sitting next to you at a coffee shop, or even in a drive-thru line with you at a fast-food restaurant. He says it happened to him while on Washington Road, which is a good place for hackers because of all the restaurants and hotels that offer free wi-fi.

Carter says if you think your computer has been hacked, you should immediately shut it off, unplug your network router and call an I.T. specialist. If you don’t find out how to get the hacker out of your system, whenever you plug your router back in, they’ll still be able to get into your accounts.

Source | WRDW