Top Call Center Security Considerations for Safe Cloud Migration and Protecting Customer Data and Privacy
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Top Call Center Security Considerations for Safe Cloud Migration and Protecting Customer Data and Privacy

Top Call Center Security Considerations for Safe Cloud Migration and Protecting Customer Data and Privacy

With the increasing pace of digitalization, call centers are required to take numerous security considerations including Safe Cloud Migration into account, especially when handling customer and business data.

Over recent years, the preferred method of customer and business data protection has moved toward a cloud-based solution. Since security is often handled by the cloud provider, many businesses fail to realize that migration to the cloud can be disastrous — without the proper planning and execution, that is. To ensure safe cloud migration and data protection, here are the top security factors that call centers should take into consideration.

Streamline Data Security

In order to ensure safe migration to the cloud, call centers must first evaluate their current data-security practices. Call centers with flawed practices face the risk of carrying them into the cloud, which may be more unforgiving than their current security system.

Before making the move to the cloud, it’s necessary to thoroughly examine all user accounts and access rights. There should be no outdated credentials or insecure access protocols prior to cloud migration. When cloud providers centralize business systems and data, a single flaw can create a risk throughout the entire security system.

Set Boundaries for Safe Cloud Migration

Many call centers move to the cloud without a solid understanding of how cloud-based security systems operate. While a partnership with a trusted cloud provider may seem enough to keep data secure, it’s important to remember that cloud providers are only responsible for addressing software and hardware flaws, as well as operational and network security. Cloud providers are not responsible for issues related to customer use or misuse.

In order to avoid security issues related to customer misuse, call centers should delegate security responsibilities to the proper employees. Make sure to limit access to administrative functions, like data storage configuration, to employees who are well-trained to handle the task.

Plan on-premises Decommissioning

When moving to the cloud, call centers fail to plan how they will decommission their current on-premises security system. After shifting primary security operations to the cloud, call centers should properly reconfigure former servers and hardware to eliminate potential data-security risks.

To properly decommission your on-premises system, make sure to review firewall and security settings to remove access paths. In addition, form a plan to wipe or destroy data stored on decommissioned systems. If cloud migration requires large-scale commissioning of on-premises security systems, consider enlisting the help of a professional IT disposition service. IT disposition services handle the entire process and provide certification to verify that the data has been properly wiped. This can help your business avoid liability should a security-related issue arise in the future.

Invest in the right cloud-based software with Safe Cloud Migration

With the right cloud-based call center software, your call center will be able to enjoy the latest, most-advanced updates while being provided with rapid innovation delivery. Bright Pattern’s hosted call center software enables businesses to integrate with other cloud systems to facilitate business operations.

Cloud-based software can be scaled for call centers of high-volume, and can be customized for call centers serving particular types of companies. Cloud solutions, like the ones offered by Bright Pattern, also provide a unique omnichannel communication experience between clients and agents. Whether your call center focuses on outbound calls, inbound calls, or a hybrid model, cloud-based software can help your business run more efficiently while keeping your data safe.

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all-approach to safe cloud migration, taking these considerations into account can help your call center avoid potential security risks. The failure to follow security protocols during cloud migration can lead to a breach in customer and business data that can be difficult to correct. Ultimately, paying attention to detail can help prevent risky situations, and keep your data safe.

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