Protecting Your Network & PC From The Impending Threat of Ransomware
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Protecting Your Network & PC From The Impending Threat of Ransomware

Protecting Your Network & PC From The Impending Threat of Ransomware

Digital extortion continues to pose a threat everywhere. According to the Cyber Advisor newsletter, incidents of ransomware attacks are only going to skyrocket and increase manyfold. The level of threat has only escalated with military-grade hacking techniques used to target entire geographies, large scale corporations, hospitals, schools and just about anyone with an internet connection and yet the preparedness and risk mitigation efforts are really poor.

One thing that we seldom hear about in the news or headlines is the personal aspect of Cyber Risk. Sure, you read about how the Podesta breach or the Florida ransomware attack that cost the city $600,000, but what we don’t know is the risk and damage to individuals aimed at people who use technology in their daily lives.

Hackers are reaching for smaller, softer targets

The sophisticated hacking tools you read in the news are now used to target smaller volumes – small business owners, individuals, professionals. We just don’t know this because it is not making big news. It is where the big bucks lie.

Customized attacks

Each one of these individual attacks is conducted in big batches and engineered to use stolen information available on the Dark Web.

Opportunistic targets

What does this mean? Hackers attack vulnerable, soft targets. That is the people who are most unaware and unprepared in mass volumes.

The next couple of years are poised to be the worst and damages caused by cyber-attacks will reach $6 trillion according to one report.

And if you think the bulk of these damages will be suffered by corporations, cities and Fortune 500 companies, think again. It is the individuals who will suffer the most.

Professional Client Comms at Risk

Ideally “free” email must not be used as your primary communications tool. If you are any using any of the “baby bells” like MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo etc for your email, it is time for a change.

Cybersecurity technology is effective and affordable and provides an incredible return on your investment.

If you know a trusted client advisor in your network that still uses standard or regular email for their business, it is time to rethink your choices. Don’t ever transact, share or trade anything that’s important with a professional advisor that doesn’t use private email service.

The answer to individual vulnerability: Private email Services

Email is the number 1 point of attack with most cybercrimes starting with an email breach.

If you use a private email domain, you have full control over your personal information. You remain off the grid for much of the potential threats as hackers spend their time looking for the softer targets – users of the standard, free email services.

Private email service providers use only the most robust enterprise-grade systems and keep the users secure. The email domain is hosted on some of the most secure, cloud-based systems in the world and the focus is on sender/user control.

Benefits of using private email service

  • Total control and ownership of all your personal data
  • Avoid targeted advertising
  • Eliminate spam, viruses, and phishing
  • Protection beyond the firewall
  • Complete digital autonomy
  • Design the rules for how others access your communication
  • Secure the privacy of your attachments
  • Avoid attacks from the outside
  • Minimize or cover up your digital footprint and give Big Tech a miss

The cost of private email services is insignificant compared to the benefits and peace of mind it affords. It is the single most effective way to reduce cyber risks and increase your privacy. Use it for yourself, your family, business and recommend it to your professional network. It is worth the investment.

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