#OktaForum: Trust is Key to Identity and Security
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#OktaForum: Trust is Key to Identity and Security

Trust remains the most important factor in enabling security and identity management.

Speaking at the Okta Forum in London, Okta CEO Todd McKinnon said that every company is a technology company now, and if you are not a technology company “your replacement will be a technology company.”

McKinnon explained that technology comes with risks, such as the “war on talent” which is making finding the right people hard, while “unprecedented regulations” like GDPR are bringing frameworks to companies who preceded the technology revolution, while social networking has led people to be concerned about trust and privacy.

“There is a tremendous potential of technology, but it is not without issues and risks and can lead to the erosion of trust,” he said. “At Okta, we believe that the potential of technology is amazing, but a lack of trust won’t enable us to reach its potential, so we need to trust the new frontier as we’re all technology companies.”

McKinnon said that there is a “burden to be secure” and for Okta the solution is that identity is key. “Connect people to technology and get identity right and solve the trust problem,” he advised.

He went on to say that the use of any technology is not about identity or security, “but to push for you to be successful” and to enable that, Okta built the Okta Identity Cloud.

McKinnon said that the company was focused on building the best products, having a comprehensive set of integrations, supporting use cases and building up data “to help you do the right actions in your environment.”

Speaking to Infosecurity, McKinnon explained that after the revolution of technology companies, the “backlash against technology” and the impact on privacy had “evened up the ante as companies need to get identity right.”

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