Offensive Security Releases Kali Linux Roadmap 2019/20
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Offensive Security Releases Kali Linux Roadmap 2019/20

Kali Linux Roadmap

First time Kali Linux unveils a roadmap that highlights the changes and the new features coming to Kali Linux in the following year.

The Kali Linux team is “trying to balance our efforts between changes that are user facing and those that apply to the backend.” The backend changes don’t seem as exciting at first, but the fact is that the easier it is for us to work on Kali, the easier it is for us to get to user-facing features.

Moved to GitLab

Official Kali git repository moved to GitLab, which lets the community submit the bugs with Kali Linux packages. It makes it easier for the Offensive Security team to streamline their work on the package updates.

Runtime Tests for Bug Detection

Until now, Kali Linux depends on the manual testing, and the user-provided bug reports, now they have deployed an automated system debci to co-ordinate with the execution and automated tests against packages.

The debci was deployed on autopkgtest, and the test results for those tests can be found in Kali Package Tracker.

Refreshed Metapackages

With the refreshed metapackages you can control what packages are installed on Kali by default. Other tools will exist in the repo; if required, you can install them manually or use a metapackage that contains them.

Interactive Shell

Instead of the default shell, kali to add interactive ZSH and FISH shells optimized for penetration testers. If you still want to stick with the old Bash shell, you can do.


Updates for NetHunter to support with the latest version of Android, and various bug fixes. Starting from Kali NetHunter 2019.2 the support enhanced for more than 50 devices running KitKat through to Pie.

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