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Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Data Center Safe and Secure

Everybody knows by now that Cloud technology has changed our lives. So much so that it isn’t even news anymore:

Hackers Launching Malware via Weaponized Excel File to Gain the Remote Access to the Target Computers

Cyber criminals launching a new malware campaign that make use of  legitimate script engine AutoHotkey with a malicious script to

Most Hacked Passwords – Top 100,000 Common Passwords that Already Known to Hackers

Password plays a vital role in securing your account, a common password is easy to remember, but it will be

Hackers Launching DNS Hijacking Attack to Gain Persistent access to Sensitive Networks and Systems

Researchers discovered a new malicious campaign called “Sea Turtle,” attack public and private entities in various countries using DNS hijacking

Ride-Hailing Company Operating in Iran Exposes Data of Iranian Drivers

Security researcher discovered a database belonging to a ride-hailing company operating in Iran that was left exposed online containing over

60 Million records of LinkedIn Users Exposed Online

Researcher discovered eight unsecured databases exposed online that contained approximately 60 million records of LinkedIn user data. Researcher Sanyam Jain

Avast, Avira, Sophos and other Antivirus Solutions Show Problems After

Antivirus solutions from different vendors are having malfunctions after the installation of Windows security patches released on April 9, including

USBStealer – Password Hacking Tool For Windows Applications to Perform Windows Penetration Testing

USBStealer is a Windows Based Password Hacker Tool that helps to Extract the password from Windows-Based Applications such as Chrome

Google is Going to Block Logins from Embedded Browsers Against MitM Phishing Attacks

Google this week announced that it is going to block login attempts from embedded browser frameworks to prevent man-in-the-middle (MiTM)

Perform Vulnerability Scanning in Your Network using Maltego

Maltego is an intelligence gathering tool, its available for windows, mac, and Linux. We will be using Kali Linux where

Hacker Broke into Super Secure French Government’s Messaging App Tchap Hours After Release

A white hat hacker discovered how to break Tchap, a new secure messaging app launched by the French government for

The Weather Channel Under Ransomware Attack – Site Went Offline for 90 Minutes

The weather channel hit with a ransomware attack on its own network stop’s the live Broadcasting and down the website

Free Email Security Penetration Testing Tool to Check Organization’s Security against Advanced Threats

BitDam launches a free Email Security Penetration Testing tool to determine the organization’s security posture against advanced threats. The Email

Facebook Admitted to Have Stored Millions of Instagram Users’ Passwords in Plain Text

Other problems for Facebook that admitted to have stored millions of Instagram users’ passwords in plain text Yesterday, Facebook made

Navigating the AI Hype in Security: 3 Dos and 2 Don’ts

I’ve been needling the artificial intelligence (AI) hype bubble since 2015 when, after managing a CalTech research grant, I saw

Source Code of Tools used by OilRig APT Leaked on Telegram

Lab Dookhtegan hackers leaked details about operations carried out by Iran-linked OilRig group, including source code of 6 tools. A