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Cyber attack led to Bristol Airport blank screens

An airport spokesman said the information screens were taken offline early on Friday to contain an attack similar to so-called

Apple Has Started Paying Hackers for iPhone Exploits

In 2016, Apple’s head of security surprised the attendees of one of the biggest security conference in the world by

Millions of Records Exposed in Veeam Misconfigured Server

Hundreds of millions of records were exposed after a MongoDB server belonging to disaster-recovery firm Veeam was left misconfigured, researchers

British Airways Website, Mobile App Breach Compromises 380k

The airline said information like name, address and bank card details like CVC code were compromised. British Airways said approximately

Tor Browser Zero-Day Exploit Revealed Online

Zerodium, the infamous exploit vendor that earlier this year offered $1 million for submitting a zero-day exploit for Tor Browser,

High-Severity Flaws in Cisco Secure Internet Gateway Service Patched

Two high-severity vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Cisco’s security platform that could allow an attacker to gain administrative privileges –

Attacks on Industrial Control Systems on the Rise

The systems that power the manufacturing, power and water plants, the oil and gas industry, and many other sectors are


Critical sectors in the UAE – including but not limited to finance and energy – have increased their dependency on