Mustbin Awarded Patent for Military-Grade Encryption Technology
June 22, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Mustbin Awarded Patent for Military-Grade Encryption Technology

BOSTON, June 21, 2016 — Mustbin, an encrypted cloud storage and messaging platform, announced today that it has been granted a seminal security and privacy patent for secure cloud storage and communications, the first in the industry. U.S. Patent No. 9,369,445, based on an application filed in 2013, is titled “Bin Enabled Data Object Encryption and Storage Apparatuses, Methods and Systems.” The patent covers how Mustbin handles key management and encrypts users’ information and communications on the platform, giving them complete security and privacy.

Mustbin awarded patent for military-grade encryption technology

“This patent covers the incredible technology that powers Mustbin and enables our users to own their data entirely – it protects everything they do on Mustbin,” said Mustbin CEO Satyender Mahajan. “We believe our technology should be widely adopted and we’re currently exploring how we can make it available to partners. It is critical that everyone have the technology to ensure their employees’, users’, or clients’ digital communications and information are safe, private, and secure.”

The framework of the patent allows privileged applications, such as the Mustbin app on iOS and Android, to access and decrypt the user’s data on their device by opening it with the user’s key. This framework can be expanded to allow other apps and services to leverage this patented technology.

The patent covers how Mustbin encrypts and stores documents, bins, and messages and how users access their data. When a user creates a bin, saves a password, captures a card or document, uploads a photo or video, creates a note, or sends a message, Mustbin uses its patented technology to secure user keys and encrypt information. A user’s data is stored encrypted both in the cloud and on the user’s device, enabling them to access their information anytime while ensuring it’s safe and secure. No Mustbin employee can ever see a Mustbin user’s data on the platform.

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