Keyfactor Announces Acquisition of Redtrust
July 3, 2019 Share

Keyfactor Announces Acquisition of Redtrust

Keyfactor, the Ohio-based digital identity management solutions provider, has announced that it will acquire Spain-based Redtrust, a digital identity solutions company that delivers centralized certificate and digital signature management, according to a July 2 press release.

“At the time of our $77 million investment, we planned to accelerate market expansion, specifically in Europe, fund product innovation and company growth,” said Jordan Rackie, CEO of Keyfactor. “We’ve certainly seen progress in all areas so far this year with this acquisition, the release of our code-signing product, Keyfactor Code Assure, in June and the company’s job creation year-over-year employee 100% growth rate (we added 50 new positions in 2019). We’ve literally doubled the company in both size and revenue and remain focused on maintaining our growth trajectory into 2020.”

Digital identity management is driving changes in the marketplace, which has left customers juggling digital transformation and the security challenges that digitization brings.

“We’re fiercely committed to innovation and providing our customers with a platform that meets their evolving security and compliance needs. We differentiate with our turn-key, cloud-based certificate-management and IoT security platform for large enterprises – providing them the freedom to manage every digital identity. And now with Redtrust we can deliver the same for mid-sized businesses,” Rackie said.

Currently serving its customers across banking, insurance, infrastructure and healthcare industries, Redtrust’s platform secures and centralizes certificate life-cycle management, a solution that will complement Keyfactor’s end-to-end secure identity and code-signing platform.

“We found the perfect partner with Keyfactor, and I’m thrilled for Redtrust to reach this important company milestone,” said Daniel Rodriguez, CEO at Redtrust. “Together we have a shared vision for the future of trust and an obsession with technical excellence and customer success. We’re now on an unstoppable mission to secure the digital identities for companies of all sizes in any market.”

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