Hackers Claim Direct Contact With HashOcean, Share Bad News
July 5, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Hackers Claim Direct Contact With HashOcean, Share Bad News

While a group which claims to be made up of ethical hackers has been on the trail of the suddenly-disappeared HashOcean for over a week, it finally announced the breakthrough that it has had direct contact with the defunct Bitcoin mining company which allegedly dashed away with miners’ investment worth millions of dollars.

However, Kypertech’s announcement came with a sad twist to it. As they get the direct contact they have been seeking in a while, it would likely be the closest they could go as the hope of getting deeper to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance is dashed.

Hackers’ bad news

All we can say at this time is that our identities have been compromised and we are in direct contact with hash ocean, the group posted on their Facebook page.
But in a chat with CoinTelegraph, Kypertech stated:

“We have bad news. We can’t post on our social media at all, but we have received genuine hash ocean emails from and even a few of our spouses and children’s profiles.”

On Monday, Kypertech posted a binary number on their page leaving several followers who have been seeking to get a good news from the hackers in a confused state as to what the numbers mean. The group told CoinTelegraph that it was coerced into publishing the number ‘01001000011001010110110001101100011011110010000001000001011011100110111101101110’ which means ‘Hello anon.’


It says: “This is why we posted binary on all of our social media platforms. Our only intentions were to help people not hurt them, to give them hope when there was none. Already we have heard of suicides and people who have lost everything over this and we felt that justice was due that’s all.”

Closing down

The hackers say they are certain that the correspondence is from the mining company because the IP address they used to send the email is the same as the original and the email is the same hence the seriousness attached to its message.

“We may be forced to close down all operations for the safety of our families. They have also emailed all of our hackers we employed across the globe,” they say. “One of our specialists in Poland is doing IP tracing of the emails and plans on DDOSing them because his profile and family profiles were mentioned. We do not take responsibility for his actions and he is in no way affiliated with us. He is an independent person doing things independent from us. That is all we will keep you posted as to what they say.”

Dashed hopes

On Sunday, the group had stated that they have been working with a digital agency to propose a Cryptocurrency Security Foundation “to make proposals to cryptocurrencies to adopt a universal security measure to regulate companies that solicit services such as cloud mining. The whole point of a decentralized currency is that no one controls is but the problem with that is that you would have anarchy if no one regulated the companies. There must be law and order but in a decentralized manner.”

However, with the look of things, every attempt by this group that claims to be fighting to track the defunct cloud mining company, since to have reached a dead end.

Source | CoinTelegraph