Port of Barcelona Suffers Cyberattack
September 23, 2018
Seid Yassin (557 articles)

Port of Barcelona Suffers Cyberattack

The Port of Barcelona was Thursday morning the target of a cyberattack that affected some of its servers and systems, forcing the organization to launch the contingency plan designed specifically for these incidents.

Details about the incident are scarce, and little is known besides the information released to the public.

The organization announced the incident on Twitter, informing that several of its servers had been impacted and that the Information Systems department was on the case, evaluating the scope of the attack and taking measures to minimize its effect.

The incident appears to have been nothing that the Port Authority could not handle since a later update on the matter announced that maritime operations had not affected in any way and all ships were operating within regular parameters.

Land operations such as reception and delivery, which were expected to suffer delays, also ran as usual.

Premonitory tweet or what?
In a twist of irony, Port of Barcelona tweeted just two days before the attack that no one is safe from a cyberattack that puts at risk the activity and security of its stakeholders.

Source | bleepingcomputer