3 Reasons Why SAAS Business Need to Concentrate on Website Security
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3 Reasons Why SAAS Business Need to Concentrate on Website Security

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Businesses that are growing are always trying to expand in all departments and to do that they need a website that portrays their business, customers, the value they generate and the positivity they deliver in their product.

The Website being the first point of contact for your clients, keeping your website secured will give a lot of benefits to your business, especially SAAS business who’s product offerings revolves around websites.

In this article, we’ll discuss the three main reasons why a SAAS business will need an efficient website security system in place.

Protect your customers

Customers are the driving factor for your business, they are going to access your website frequently and to do that your website should have the right security in place to build the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Websites will start influencing your visitors, prospects, leads, and customers at every point, website securities like HTTPS, two-factor authentication during login, password strengths, outdated passwords, java scripts and more.

Any potential man-in-the-browser and man-in-the-middle attacks that could leverage the websites has to be prevented by practicing the right security measures.

The presence of secure and HTTPS in your website URL will establish a positivity towards web security allowing the visitors to understand the website is a reliable one.

Securing the data – SAAS Business

With extreme data protection norms in place, any careless handling of personal data can sue your business in big time. Businesses need to understand the importance of personal data, its collection, handling and storage procedures that happen through the website.

The overall data collection procedure by validating the details, sorting them based on the country and other such personal criteria should be carefully handled for building a positive website experience for the visitors.

SAAS business needs to understand their scope of audience and establish web security to monitor the overall data collection procedures to keep their personal data DB limited and safe from anonymous cyber actors.

Any malicious SQL injections, cross-site scripting, cloning, phishing, MITM, and Boy-in-the-Browser attacks.

Reinforcing your infrastructure

A business should understand the scope of their hosting and secure the vulnerable touchpoints within their network.

All the SAAS providers could be vulnerable to a DDOS and Spear Phishing attacks which should be avoided to sustain their brand and security in the market. Businesses can have a checklist to make sure they have all the possible security on.

Key touchpoints are,

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Data transmission protocols.
  • Identity access management.
  • Limited privileged access for the personnel.
  • Monitoring and configuring firewalls.
  • Tracking activity logs and malicious activities.
  • Breaking down network infrastructure to secure critical touchpoints.

Website security is very crucial to any business, in case of SAAS business the demand goes 10 times more than a normal business. SAAS business is already in the market to make things for your IT environment, considering the evolution of cyberattacks and the sophisticated approach they take website security should be the priority in SAAS business’s checklist.

Practicing good web security can bring in peace for your employees and internal culture thus allowing them to offer the best to their customers in every touchpoint.

Branding and marketing can work together only if the value offered by SAAS is on the mark, creating the value and trust among the users.

Considering the scope of SAAS business organizations Indusface’s SaaS solution AppTrana are already delivering the value to the target audience segment with the best web security.

Businesses should practice the best web security procedures to keep their network and infrastructure safe from any unforeseen cyberattacks that are targeted at their offerings.

Critical web-based cyberattacks like crypto-jacking, MITM, XSS, DOS and more have already caused enough chaos in the market for similar business sites.

Analyzing the attacks and their impact on the market, along with other competitors security practices will assist organizations to define and practices procedures that are par with the industry.

AWS and Azure are big shots in SAAS offerings, and they have built very good security frameworks to keep their platform secured against any potential web-based threats.

A growing SAAS business can study their protocols and procedures, analyze their reason for existence and define their web security accordingly.

There are a number of tools that will facilitate your web security monitoring and management, tools like firewall management, browser security management, log management, disaster recovery and backup management, privileged access management, password management, unified endpoint management and more can be of great assistance to enhance your website security.

Comprehending your demands, identifying the threats, discovering the market offerings, analyzing the same and redefining your web security practices will make a huge difference to your SAAS offering in the market.

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