YouTube skiddie busted for hacking Country Liberal Party
May 16, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

YouTube skiddie busted for hacking Country Liberal Party

A man from the Australian state of Victoria has been charged after stealing, using, and publishing credit cards of political party members using basic tricks he learned from YouTube.

Aaron Warren Camm, 20, of Kangaroo Flats, learnt how to use the skiddie tool Havij to launch SQL injection attacks and applied the lessons in breaching the Northern Territory Country Liberals site, a conservative party in Australia’s north.

Camm published in March last year details of the stolen cards online which authorities reportedly said was used by Islamic State sympathisers in false hacking propaganda.

The hacker sealed his fate after he used the cards to purchase a A$119 elephant pendant sending it to a party member with the message “I love you muffin”.

Camm pleaded guilty in the Bendigo Magistrates Court to three hacking charges copping a year’s good behaviour bond and a fine, the ABC reports .

Australian Federal Police busted the kid, warning the Country Liberals that their site had been breached through the internet’s most basic and prolific application security holes.

The Country Liberals changed all member passwords but further security measures were not disclosed.

Political and local government websites are breached constantly in Australia thanks to simple security flaws like SQL injection.

Some cybercrime police across Australia are understood to be more willing to scare-off operational security-devoid script kiddies than bring them in, provided the hacker up-starts do not commit fraud or breach an individual’s privacy. ®

Source | TheRegister