It used to be said that if you had your head in the clouds you were a daydreamer, someone who was incapable of concentrating on a single thing for long enough to achieve something. However, as we move deeper into

Almost 3 terabytes of data stolen in the Panama Gate scandal will shortly become searchable online. Mossack Fonseca, the breached legal firm behind one of the largest data leaks in the history, had numerous high-risk vulnerabilities in its front-end web applications, including

A report published by Verizonin April revealed that 89% of business data breaches had a financial or espionage motive. The Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Reportassessed over 64,000 data breach incidents in 82 countries. It identified that 63% of confirmed

Du today announced plans to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE using pioneering blockchain technology for the first time in the UAE to introduce a safer common system for instantly sharing and verifying electronic health records (EHR) between hospitals and clinics. 

Given the massive global push to take computing off premises, a move to the cloud in the legal sector is inevitable – in fact, it is already happening. We all know about the benefits of cloud – more scalability and

From the latest agile development tools to innovative delivery platforms such as containers, DevOps is changing how people and businesses work. But the novel software development approach of DevOps can also result in unique challenges, one of the most significant

The problem with today’s endpoints is that they are so varied:  a mix of desktop PCs, laptops and netbooks, frequently with different versions of OS and applications being used across organisations’ estates. This variety of endpoints also means that security

While automated attacks by a networked army of computers aren’t a new problem, the methods that botnets are using are getting more complex. They’re also increasing in number with the latest cybercrime report from ThreatMetrix suggesting that the number of