WP Hardening – A Free WordPress Security Plugin to Perform Real-time Security Audit On Your WordPress Site
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WP Hardening – A Free WordPress Security Plugin to Perform Real-time Security Audit On Your WordPress Site

WordPress Security is Easier with this Free Plugin

An average WordPress owner does not know what to do to ensure their WordPress’s security. Those who do know still does not imply. We tried to find the reason behind this erratic behavior. And the results, while not completely unexpected were a little surprising.

Turned out that a lot of WordPress users felt they could not be the target. Either because they are not big enterprises or because they are lone bloggers.

Shockingly, this thinking is 180 degrees to what the reality is. In reality, smaller websites face the maximum risk of a hack than a big enterprise. Check out these hacking statistics to have a better perspective on the nature of hacks.

Many others were absolutely clueless as to what WordPress security practices they should imply.

But, most web owners skipped implementing WordPress security practices because they felt it was too time-consuming and tedious.

And, I don’t blame them, totally. People are occupied, they have things to deal with, work to do, targets to achieve and absolutely no time to care for a seemingly hectic security routine. No wonder they drop it as soon as they pick it up.

We have been searching for a more solid answer to this problem when we stumbled upon this amazing WordPress Plugin by Astra Security.

WP-hardening is the Solution

WP-hardening is a one-click solution to ensure basic security on your WordPress. It obviates the need to install ten different plugins for 10 different problems.

Thus, saving you from indulging in the hectic schedule of maintaining all the plugins. Not to mention the bloatware they add to your WordPress.


WP-Hardening is a breath of fresh air in WordPress security. All WordPress security measures packaged in a single plugin and accessible on the click of a button.

WP-Hardening is easy to use, saves time & effort and yet makes sure that your WordPress is protected.

Isn’t that what exactly everyone hoped for? A time-saving yet efficient tool.

How Does WP-Hardening Work?

WP-Hardening is available for installation from the WordPress plugins directory. After you have installed it, you can run a comprehensive audit of your website’s security just by clicking on “Start a new audit“. The results of which get displayed in the dashboard itself.


If you get a score of 90+ in the audit, then you can pat yourself on the awesome work done for your website’s security. However, if the score is less than 90, there still is the scope of bettering your security.

In such a case know that your website has certain security lapses, the most crucial of which you can fix in the security fixers tab. For others, you will get expert recommendations then and there.

The security fixers tab is where all the toggle keys lie. You can just toggle these keys and secure your website for 12+ security arenas without any fuss. From admin security to API security to server hardening, you have everything covered with this plugin. To be precise, you can secure the following with a click of a button:

  1. Change the default admin URL
  2. Disable XMLRPC
  3. Hide wp-includes
  4. Hide the WordPress version number
  5. Absolutely always keep WordPress updated
  6. Always keep plugins updated
  7. Stop username enumeration

For not-so-tech people, WP-Hardening is unmissable. You need not waste time reading another blog on how to fix this or that in your WordPress. Plus, no more scratching your head after reading each blog on “How to secure your WordPress?” Simply install WP-Hardening and let all rest in peace.

Continuous Protection with Astra Firewall

Where WP-Hardening is a great solution to ensure better WordPress security, Astra’s Firewall ensures real-time monitoring of your website. It filters all coming traffic and blocks hacking attempts like XSS, CSRF, bad bots, LFI, RFI, OWASP top 10 and 140+ other types.


Besides traffic monitoring, you can also utilize this firewall to block specific IP, IP ranges, country or vice versa i.e. whitelist these fields.

One-click malware removal with Astra Malware Scanner

The Malware Scanner by Astra is another intelligent security tool. Astra’s malware scanner is a great way to track your website’s security regularly for malware. It is also community-powered. This is to say, it learns from attacks prevalent in the community and configures itself to detect those as well.


It is 24×7 accessible for you to scan. You can schedule your scans daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per your preference. The one-click malware removal enables you to delete the malicious file then and there.

In case you are severely hacked and need professional malware cleanup, Astra helps immensely. With the immediate malware cleanup by Astra, security experts clean the malware and remove the backdoor for you and get your website up and running in no more than a few hours.

Coming back to the malware scanner, you can even track file changes to your website, changes in your website code, etc. File changes are then logged within Astra, where you can review them.

With Astra, you can detect and clean malware like pub2srv, Japanese spam, Credit card hack, Malicious redirects, Pharma attack, and more.

Astra Security Suite has truly solved the problem of time-taking security and maintenance of websites. It has slipped security into people’s daily routine with its simple & effortless solutions.

Astra’s earnest efforts in making the web a secure place and in making netizens aware of cybersecurity are indeed transforming.

But, do not believe these words, experience it yourself.

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