UAE InvestBank Hacked, Nearly 100K Recycled Data Records Leaked?
May 12, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

UAE InvestBank Hacked, Nearly 100K Recycled Data Records Leaked?

A 10 gigabyte file holding sensitive financial data compromised from an InvestBank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been leaked online. The file contains information on tens of thousands of customers from a bank based in Sharjah.

The data shows that there are folders called ‘Account Master’, ‘Customer Master’, and ‘Branch Master’ along with spreadsheets, PDF files and several images from the internal database of the bank.

Another folded entitled ‘Cards’ contains about 20,000 card numbers and another folder has 3,000 individual bank statements, all watermarked with the InvestBank logo. A ‘passports’ folder includes scanned insurance cards, passports, ID cards, a number of corresponding customer pictures and the full data of one InvestBank employee.

BankInfoSecurity is analysing the data dump and so far has found the actual amount of credit card data leaked is close to 100,000 records. Expiration dates are visible, however pin codes and passwords appear to be encrypted.

Hackers of this breach, the ‘Bozkurt Hackers’, are linked to the Qatar National Bank (QNB) breach that took place two weeks ago. Reports suggest that the latest leak is the same data stolen by hackers late last year in December 2015.

“While it is possibly the same group behind both the Qatar National Bank and InvestBank UAE data leaks, it would appear that the objective is to cause reputational damage. Whether the criminals plan to use the customer and employee credit card, bank statement, passport, ID and insurance card details they leaked for fraud or not, the fact that this sensitive information is now available online is disturbing,” said Gord Boyce, chief executive at FinalCode.

A Twitter account using the Bozkurt Hackers name posted a link to the InvestBank data on 6 May saying, “Full DB and files from InvestBank UAE” with a link to the zip file, which has been removed.

Source | SCMagazine