Trend Micro Tackles Cloud Misconfigurations with Latest Acquisition
October 23, 2019 Share

Trend Micro Tackles Cloud Misconfigurations with Latest Acquisition

Trend Micro has announced the acquisition of Australian start-up Cloud Conformity, in a deal which will see it expand its cloud security portfolio to include mitigations for customer misconfigurations.

Following the reported $70m deal, Trend Micro is offering the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) company’s solution immediately to its global customers.

Cloud Conformity offers a single pane of glass via which companies can gain complete visibility into their AWS and Azure environments, receive alerts and prioritize remediation to improve security, governance and compliance efforts.

Crucially, this will help customers get on top of a common challenge facing many today: how to correctly configure cloud deployments so as not to expose the organization to possible cyber-risk.

Trend Micro cited Gartner findings that by 2023, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault, and that “through 2024, organizations implementing a CSPM offering and extending this into development will reduce cloud-related security incidents due to misconfiguration by 80%.”

Incidents of data leaks resulting from such misconfigurations hit the headlines virtually every week. Just today, Infosecurity reported on an exposed database hosted on AWS which leaked the travel and personal details of US military and government employees.

“We have been laser focused on building integrated security for the cloud since its birth over a decade ago, unlike other vendors who are now attempting to stitch together disparate cloud technologies,” said Trend Micro CEO, Eva Chen.

“As more enterprises move to the cloud, our customers feel they’re operating amid a wild-west approach to cloud implementations that leave them with unmanaged risk. As an AWS technology partner of the year for 2019, Cloud Conformity understands these implementations and the risks. Its offering perfectly complements our own portfolio and provides immediate value to customers. Both the people and technology are a great fit for Trend Micro.”

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