Top Story: Bill Gates/bot attack lets hackers seize control of your devices
April 11, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Top Story: Bill Gates/bot attack lets hackers seize control of your devices

There’s a serious malware attack underway that you need to know about. It has a funny sounding name, and it’s attacking gaming sites, so it’s easy to be fooled. But don’t let your guard down.

It’s called the Bill Gates/bot. It’s a family of malwares that sound like they have something to do with the Microsoft founder. They don’t.

The Bill Gates/bot malware allows hackers to block you from accessing your own computer using aDDoS (distributed denial of service). DDoS attacks overwhelm online services with lots of traffic, essentially shutting them down.

The ongoing attack is considered a high-level threat by cybersecurity experts.

“This malware is an update and reuse of the Elknot’s malware source code,” according to an official advisory. “Over the years, the botnets composed of it have grown, and today’s botnets are launching significantly large attacks.”

The attacks so far are being reported in Asia. Hackers are using brute force methods to get into computer systems. Those are software programs that continually guess at logins and passwords until they get it right.

Don’t think this attack doesn’t affect you because it’s in Asia. Malware attacks quickly spread around the world.

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Source | Komando