Top 5 methods to Avoid Smartphone Snooping with ease
June 20, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Top 5 methods to Avoid Smartphone Snooping with ease

Smartphone making companies are now in a race to outdo each other. That race has seen a rise in the number of phones that are released every year. That race has seen smartphone making companies such as Apple and Samsung release a phone every year.

The reliance of the modern man on the smartphone is astounding. It is hard to believe that there once was the world without any smartphones. Some even call their phones babies, (case in point me). We have all been attracted to our phones at one point. It contains all our information, our secrets, our contacts. So why won’t we love them? But as with anything we love, like or care about, there are other elements or people who want to see what it is we are doing. Some snoopers want to see what it is we are doing on our phones.

The government, parents, and some corporations have all snooped on people’s phones before. Parents to make sure that their children are not taking part in any illegal activities or pornographic content. But why would some business corporations and governments need to snoop on your phone? Oh well, here are some methods to make sure you cover self properly and do not fall prey to their snooping.


All applications we install nowadays require permission for other functions on our phones. Do these third party apps need all of these permissions? Is it not a smartphone safety issue? If any app is going to ask for camera access or notification access, it is best to know where it is from or if the source is trusted, because you never know who is watching. In this case, downloading apps from reputable stores such as Google Play Store, Microsoft App Store or the App Store for iOS is recommended.


Spy software is good. If you are a parent, and you need to check on your children, you can use some spy software. But as always you have to decide to use the correct software. Thorough investigation ms before you purchase anything this day is required before you make any decision. Many of the software that you see might contain some malware which will ultimately lead to someone snooping on you. That’s not the aim because we want to be snooping on someone rather.


One of the best methods to make sure that your smartphone is always safe and sound. The new password method of biometrics or voice is equally good because these are some properties that are unique to every human being. And if your phone does not support these features then simply putting a strong password is essential. Mix things a lot in the bag and you will get a strong password that hackers, thieves or snoopers won’t be able to crack. Try to add in some upper case letters together with some numbers. This makes it hard for anyone ever to guess your password.


Wifi is one of the basic elements that is needed by the modern man. Some good Samaritans came with the idea of giving everyone things such as free Internet wherever they went through things such as public Wifi. But as with every good thing, one bad thing has to come up also. Some bad actors decided to use public Wifis like their way into people’s gadgets. So because of that, avoiding public Wifi is highly recommended if you are a privacy conscious person. You never know what is lurking in the public, and the public networks are just the same.


As we continually buy new phones because of the new and new phones that keep pouring in, people tend to forget about their old gadgets. Our old gadgets are some of the most compromised gadgets. They have all the information that you used before you switched your phones to another phone. But most people tend to forget all about them.

Most bad actors can use these old gadgets and snoop into your lives. Hence, they get all the necessary and valuable information that you once kept in the old gadgets. When disposing of your old phone, it’s best to check whether every single piece of detail on it has been erased and it can’t be traced back to you. This can be done through factory resetting your phone.

You should always be safe in all you do. If friends and family can easily enter your phone, imagine what other people with the greater amount of resources at their disposal can do. Be vigilante out there.

Source | SecurityJar