Silk Road 3.0 makes a comeback in a new avatar on the Dark Web
May 17, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Silk Road 3.0 makes a comeback in a new avatar on the Dark Web

The mega marketplace where you can buy drugs, weapons, stolen data, botnets and everything illegal under the sun, has made a comeback on the Dark Web. We are talking about the Silk Road which has been shut down twice by FBI and international authorities, which made a comeback in a new avatar asSilk Road 3.0.

The Silk Road 3.0 is actually the fourth reincarnation of the marketplace but trades in almost all the same items its predecessors did.

The announcement of Silk Road 3.0 came via a Reddit thread a few hours ago. The all new Silk Road 3.0 is run by the same person in charge of the competing Crypto Market portal. The two portals also share the same support forum and both are hosted on Dark Web.

Registration is currently open and the marketplace has already started filling up with stolen data, exploits, botnets, drugs, weapons and everything illegal.

For those who dont know, the original Silk Road was launched in February 2011 and after a run of 2 years, was shut down by the summer of 2013. FBI arrested many of  site’s users, moderators, and its boss Ross Ulbricht during the raids and was able to confisticate bitcoins worth $18 million, used in the transaction.

The second iteration, Silk Road 2.0, made a comeback in November 2013, but the feds quickly arrested its admins a month later. Another admin attempted to resurrect Silk Road 2.0 in November 2014 on, but loss of new users meant that it went bust in January, 2016.  Another site called Silk Road Reloaded was launched in January, 2015, however, it used i2P instead of Tor.

With FBI baying for blood of Silk Road users, this new initiative is almost certain doomed as well. The only thing the portal has on its side is the reputation of the Crypto Market owner, who’s been running his site for a while now without any incidents.

Currently, the Dark Web’s most popular marketplaces include portals such as Alphabay, Dream Market, The Real Deal, Zocalo, Valhalla, Hansa Market, Acropolis, Python Market, Oasis Market, Bloomsfield, German-Plaza, Darknet Heroes League, The Majestic Garden, the aforementioned Crypto Market, and a few other more.

Source | TechWorm