Sen. Schumer introduces plan to stop Russian ‘ransomware’ hackers
May 20, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Sen. Schumer introduces plan to stop Russian ‘ransomware’ hackers

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWS10) — Senator Chuck Schumer is proposing new cybersecurity measures to protect Upstate New Yorkers from Russian hackers.

Senator Schumer says the real danger is the growing threat of ‘ransomware’, an insidious type of malware that encrypts, or locks, a computer’s operating system and all of its valuable digital files until a ransom is paid.

Schumer says that Russian hackers are responsible for several recent ‘ransomware’ attacks in central New York, and says the hackers are targeting small towns and villages in Upstate New York because their computers are the most vulnerable.

“Cybersecurity threats mean that our private information, like medical data, financial records, Social Security Numbers and more, is under assault like never before,” said Schumer. “These hacks show that our local communities need more resources and training, so they can better prevent these attacks in the future.”

According to Senator Schumer’s office, cyber-attacks not only put personal information at risk, but can cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Senator Schumer introduced Thursday what he is referring to as a three-pronged plan.

  • First, Schumer is urging the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity to increase its focus on ransomware, and finding ways to protect the public and private sectors against it.
  • Second, Schumer called on the Senate to fund President Obama’s proposed $1.3 billion Information Technology Modernization Fund.
  • Third, Schumer called on Senate appropriators to create funding stream for state and local governments to make infrastructure improvements and train employees to prevent ransomware hackings.

Source | News10