Richland County Websites including Sheriffs Department Hacked
April 18, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Richland County Websites including Sheriffs Department Hacked

Team System DZ, an Algeria-based hacking team hacked and defaced several Wisconsin’s Richland County Government websites and left a deface page along a message in support of the so-called Islamic State aka Daesh terrorist group.

The targeted websites include the official website of Richland County Government, Richland County Sheriff’s Department, Richland County Ambulance Service, Veterans Services, Recycling Committee, Health and Human Services, County Fair, Land Conservation Department, Parks Commission and Richland County Emergency Management.

The deface page contained official Daesh terrorist group’s logo along with a threatening message about the ISIS takeover.

There’s nothing surprising in defacing a website but what’s shocking about this defacement is that this is NOT the first time when Team System DZ has hacked into Richland County server. In fact, this is the third time in one year when the team was able to leave hate messages. Previously, the attackers defaced Veterans Services and Sheriffs’ Department websites with similar messages.

Team System Dz also hacked University of Toronto and Isle of Wight, Virginia last year.

The links of all targeted websites along with their zone-h mirror as a proof of hack are available here. At the time of publishing this article, all targeted websites were restored and reachable online. However, the question remains the same… will the sites’ admin learn something from these defacements or continue with the poor security?

Source | HackRead