Rasomware New Target Includes 20 Schools in Texas District
April 11, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Rasomware New Target Includes 20 Schools in Texas District

Ransomware threats are becoming common day by day, and numerous reports of malware infected PCs coming out on the daily basis.

Now, a new report of Ransomware threat has emerged from Representatives of the North East Independent School District in Texas, USA, who admitted that their School campus PCs have fallen victim to the particular malware threat.

KENS5, a local TV station reported that all these threats spawned over last two months and affected two of the school district’s departments, and 20 school campuses.

As of now, there is no clarity on the type of Ransomware that hit the institutions. According to School officials, the ransomware infections managed to lock around 2.5 TB of information.

Luckily, the schools were running professional backup software, hence were able to recover the data without compromising any money as ransom to the hacker.

“Our technology department was able to work very quickly and delete all the encrypted files and use backup data to get them going again,” a school district spokesperson said.

In earlier cases which involved hospitals, churches, and even courthouses, ransom had to be paid, since the victims didn’t perform regular backups. Therefore, it’s recommended to have the backup of critical data for being secure in case of ransomware threats.

Source | Mobipicker