Protect Yourself Against Mac Malware, Reddit Dumps Imgur
May 27, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Protect Yourself Against Mac Malware, Reddit Dumps Imgur

Malwarebytes tackles Mac malware, Reddit sidelines Imgur, Periscope saves your streams by default, SoundCloud Go gets cheaper for pro users, and how video games help siblings bond.

Mac Malware Means Business

Contrary to popular belief, Macs are not immune to malware, whether it’s adware, ransomware, or any of the other wares cybercriminals want to install on your system. An upsurge in Mac malware led Malwarebytes to release Anti-Malware for Mac. And Malwarebytes has now gone one step further by expanding into the business sector.

Malwarebytes Breach Remediation for Mac has been built from the ground up to target Mac malware. It’s aimed at businesses, with network administrators able to deploy it according to their own specifications. Malwarebytes recommends home users stick with Anti-Malware for Mac, which is completely free to use.

Mac OS X does come with built-in anti-malware program called XProtect, but with malware often evolving quickly, XProtect often isn’t up to the task. But Mac users are their own worst enemy, as a combination of ignorance and unpreparedness means many don’t take the same precautions that Windows users do.

In other words, educate yourself to the risks, don’t click blindly on links and attachments, and don’t be too proud to install third-party anti-malware protection.

Reddit Rolls Out Own Image Hosting Tool

Reddit is set to host its own images from now on, rolling out a new image uploading feature to selected communities. The plan is to eventually roll it out site-wide, but popular subreddits such as Art, Funny, Gaming, Dataisbeautiful, and EarthPorn are first in line.

Reddit will accept images up to 20MB and GIFs up to 100MB. An image uploader will make the process of adding images to Reddit easier than ever before, which could help Reddit grow even bigger than it already is. Which is all good news for Reddit, but bad news for Imgur.

Imgur is the image hosting service of choice for Redditors, and the two companies enjoyed an informal partnership which helped both succeed. However, that entente cordiale is now over, with Reddit clearly keen to bring every part of its operation in-house.

This could have a huge impact on Reddit, which will gain much greater control over what images are uploaded to the site. While Reddit has already purged itself of revenge porn and other illicit content, becoming the host as well as the platform on which it’s shared should help cement that crackdown.

Periscope Now Saves Streams by Default

Periscope now saves your broadcasts for more than 24 hours by default. As well as the stream itself, all likes and comments are retained, meaning broadcasters can watch it back to gauge feedback.

It was only at the beginning of May that Periscope began saving broadcasts for more than 24 hours. And during the test that followed, broadcasters had to include#save in their title to trigger the feature. Now, it’s the default without any need for the hashtag.

Periscope users who still want their broadcasts to disappear after 24 hours can adjust their setting to make that happen. This feature is a Godsend given that Katch — which existed solely to save streams for posterity — recently shut down.

SoundCloud Go Is Cheaper for Creators

SoundCloud Go just got a whole lot cheaper for Pro Unlimited Subscribers. For the uninitiated, Go is a subscription-based music streaming service. We reviewed SoundCloud Go back in April, and really didn’t think much of it. But regular SoundCloud users may get something out of it, with extra songs and offline listening being the main features.

SoundCloud Go is now cheaper for regular users, with Pro Unlimited subscribers able to add SoundCloud Go for just $2-a-month. That’s an $8 discount on the regular $10-a-month price. Unfortunately, Pro Unlimited costs $15-a-month, so this only makes sense if you’re already deeply ensconced in the SoundCloud experience.

Player Two Explores Gaming Nostalgia

And finally, video games and the people who play them are always being criticized by someone. Whether it’s governments (which have banned plenty of games), family watchdogs, or even journalists. However, video games are an artform, and just like any other form of art, have the capacity to bring people together.

Zachary Antell’s short film called Player Two explores the bonding power of video games. The titular Player Two being a younger sibling whose older brother introduces him to games at a young age. The younger brother eventually moves on, but that time spent playing games together will always live on.

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