Over Three-Quarters of UK Workers Lack Basic Cyber-Training
October 8, 2019 Share

Over Three-Quarters of UK Workers Lack Basic Cyber-Training

More than three-quarters (77%) of UK workers claim to have never received any form of cyber-skills training from their employer, according to research from Centrify.

The company surveyed 2000 fulltime professional services workers in the UK, discovering that along with the notable absence of training aforementioned, 69% of those polled lack confidence in their own ability to keep their data safe and secure.

These findings come at the beginning of European Cyber Security Month, an EU awareness campaign that aims to promote cybersecurity among citizens and organizations, highlighting the importance of information security and the steps that can be taken to protect data online.

Well, it seems as though there is still significant work to do in this regard; 27% of respondents admitted to using the same password across multiple accounts, whilst 14% keep passwords recorded in unsecured notebooks.

Experts warned that such a lackluster approach to critical cyber-awareness could land employers in hot water.

Donal Blaney, cyber-law expert, Griffin Law said: “Ignorance of the law is no defense. Company directors and business owners owe it to themselves, their staff, their shareholders, and their customers to know how to protect their businesses and their customers’ data. They will only have themselves to blame if this blows up in their face one day.”

Andy Heather, VP, Centrify added:“In an age where cyber-attacks have emerged as one of the most ruthless and successful forms of crime that can be committed against a business on a large scale, it is astounding to hear that so many UK companies neglect to instill even the most basic cybersecurity measures in their employees.”

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