New video by Anonymous hackers is now backing Donald Trump
March 21, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

New video by Anonymous hackers is now backing Donald Trump

A group claiming to be part of Anonymous has released a surprise video coming out in defence of Donald Trump.

A new YouTube post by a group of hacktivists calling themselves the Anonymous Patriots has criticised its own network for declaring “total war” on the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate.

Last week Anonymous claimed it had leaked Trump’s personal details, including his phone and social security numbers, in a bid to shut down his “hateful” presidential campaign.

But it seems not everyone affiliating themselves with the loose online collective is comfortable with the attack, dubbed Operation Trump.

Using a computerised voice, Anonymous Patriots said: “We are feeling deeply concern over an operation that was launched in our name.

“Some individuals are promoting this operation under the collective banner.

“We, Anonymous, have always been defending freedom of speech.

“We, Anonymous, are warning you about the lies and deceits pushed under our banner.

Anonymous video

“People are remaining free to express their own will and consent in a democratic system.”

Without expressly supporting Trump’s campaign, the video nevertheless explicitly defends his right to free speech.

“Trump has a right to his views,” the video says. “Just as important, his supporters have a right to hear him speak.

“Free speech is for everyone, even for those who want to listen to what Trump says.”

Trump’s seemingly successful campaign to become the Republican party’s presidential candidate has been highly controversial.

His extreme views on immigration, race and gender, as well as his stinging personal attacks on rival candidates and journalists, has seen the former Apprentice star dubbed a fascist and a threat to national security.

A Trump supporter (R) yells at a demonstrator
A Trump supporter (R) yells at a demonstrator (L) after Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled his rally at the University of Illinois

Even researchers for the Economist Intelligence Unit put the prospect of a Trump presidency in the top 10 biggest threats to the global economy.

His hugely popular rallies have also become the scenes of skirmishes and violence between supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

Trump even cancelled a rally in Chicago after fighting broke out between supporters and protestors.

And on Saturday, a group of protesters blocked traffic towards a Trump rally in Arizona.

Source | Mirror