Mobile Application Management versus Mobile Device Management System
June 1, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Mobile Application Management versus Mobile Device Management System

Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management System are all a part of Enterprise Mobility Management. However, many miss on the basic understanding of mobile device management system and mobile application management platform. There is a specific distinction between the both. Mobile device management system is used by most as a catch-all phrase.

Let us make it a little simpler; mobile device management system is all about managing the mobile devices and mobile application management system encompasses the whole strategy or the process of procuring, configuring, securing, deploying, accessing, configuring and updating and removing business applications. Device management, on the other hand is configuring the mobile devices is such a way so as to ensure that the IT policies that have been set remain intact. Also, it means monitoring the overall status and health of the device.

Some examples will help us understand these confused concepts better. Let’s assume that you are shifting from on device to another maybe from an Android to an iPhone. You have to decide on certain things like whether you are going to access the same business applications on your new device. Another similar case would be if your IT department pushing out a tool you are dependent on and are thinking of pushing in an updated version. Both are examples of choosing a mobile application management platform.

Mobile device management software monitors, secures and supports mobile devices deployed all across service providers, mobile operators and enterprises. It also monitors mean time to repair and mean time to repair and recovery. The primary goal of a mobile device management system is to maximize the basic functions and optimize the network security of the mobile communications at the same time reducing the downtime and cost. Some of the top mobile device management companies are Amtelnet, MobileIron and Gemalto.

Mobile application management platform gives us a bird’s eye view of all the devices used in an organization. The information includes characteristics like device type, operating system, memory and other installed applications. It mainly focuses on role-based security, provisioning and control of mobile apparatus in an organization.

Times are changing. The emphasis is on merging device management and applications management.  Device and applications management both allow greater visibility into the whole infrastructure thus, bridging the water between network and the applications management system.

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