Managed Detection and Response Analytics Report, H1 2019
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Managed Detection and Response Analytics Report, H1 2019

This report contains the results of the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service (brand name – Kaspersky Managed Protection). The MDR service provides managed threat hunting and initial incident response. Threat hunting is the practice of iteratively searching through data collected from sensors (referenced as telemetry or events) in order to detect threats that successfully evade automatic security solutions. A brief description of the service is provided at the end of this document.

The MDR service processes security operations events, focusing on and improving activity performed by professionals in charge of threat hunting projects, their level of expertise and the threat intelligence enabled through the detection process. According to David Bianco’s Pyramid of Pain, TTP-based threat detection is the most difficult type of indicators of attacks (IoAs) to circumvent for an adversary. The Kaspersky team is focused on TTP-based threat hunting in its MDR service, where humans are heavily involved to ensure the best judgments are made on collected events, especially advanced threats. This significantly augments automatic detection logic provided by endpoint protection products (EPP) used as sensors during the service delivery.

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