ISIS hackers target NJ Transit police
March 30, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

ISIS hackers target NJ Transit police

NJ Transit police officers were targeted by hackers associated with the ISIS terror group who encouraged supporters to carry out “lone wolf” attacks on the officers, a report said. Caliphate Cyber Army, formerly known as the Islamic Cyber Army, recently posted personal details about 55 transit officers, Newsweek reported.

The information was hacked from NJ Transit’s website, the report said. A series of Twitter posts on March 6 referenced the information.

Lisa Torbic, a NJ Transit spokeswoman said Tuesday that the agency was working with federal officials investigating the incident.

“The NJ Transit Information System was not compromised. However some information was breached from an outside vendor,” according to a statement Torbic provided. She did not elaborate. FBI spokesman Mike Whitaker did not return a telephone message Tuesday seeking comment.

Source | Philly