FBI relying on hackers is fair: Ex-Apple CEO
March 23, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

FBI relying on hackers is fair: Ex-Apple CEO

Technology and social media companies recently joined Apple Inc. to fight the battle of will with the FBI, but now the law enforcement agency may give up the fight, as an alternative method to unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone proves promising.

While Apple fought the idea of creating a back door in efforts not to compromise privacy and data security, it didn’t argue against a workaround from the FBI, as that would be beyond the company’s control, former Apple CEO John Sculley told CNBC.

“There’s good reason why any CEO would want to make sure that they’re not cutting a sweet deal with the government behind everybody’s back,” he said Tuesday, adding that if the FBI turned to a hacker it’s “fair.”

Still, the high-tech investor considers that the FBI’s pursuit was not handled well, as quiet negotiations would’ve behooved both parties. In the same vein, Sculley, who previously defended the position of Apple CEO Tim Cook, reiterated that the executive took a responsible stand.

“Tim Cook has done an exemplary job of leadership,” he said. If the FBI succeeds in accessing the information on the iPhone in question, this is not “a black eye for Apple,” as the tech giant is responsibly securing data, he said in an interview with “Closing Bell.”

Meanwhile, a triumphant FBI would raise concerns in consumers of whether the iPhone technology is in fact safe. Conversely, the former president of Pepsi-Cola considers that the conversation has potential to reach Congress.

“It’s a big enough issue that it may well end up in Congress and it well may end up in the Supreme Court,” Sculley noted.

Source | CNBC