Dubai Issues Fatwa Against Using Neighbor’s Wifi without Permission
April 14, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Dubai Issues Fatwa Against Using Neighbor’s Wifi without Permission

Fatwa issued in Dubai, against WiFi theft with a warning that stealing your neighbors WiFi will be contradictory to Islamic principles. This Fatwa was issued this week by Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, wherein the concerned authorities posted the religious announcement on their website.

The post further added that it is allowed to do so with your neighbor’s consent but if it’s, on the contrary, you must not steal it from them. The warning declares that WiFi theft is a malpractice that is in contradiction of proper Islamic conduct. The religious edict was put forward by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in the United Arab Emirates city, as a response to a query made by an anonymous reader.

The proclamation bans the prohibited use of the internet but in fact, if the neighbors allow their WiFi usage then it’s considered to be in legal limits, otherwise NOT. The fatwa is in line with the string of judgments issued by regional clerics in recent times.

Dubai’s Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department replies to a range of online questions. They vary from prayers and religious matters to modern subjects like cosmetic surgical procedures and unlawful movie downloads.

Dubai, the Emirates’ chief multicultural metropolis, has the most socially relaxed environment in the more old-school Gulf region. Moreover, last July saw another prominent news when people holidaying in Dubai were cautioned to be careful about their WhatsApp messages which they send home after a new law which preordained anyone to be fined for a USD 63872.78/£45,000 sum if they get caught swearing over WhatsApp.

Last year, a man was sent to prison for sending a middle finger emoji to his friend.

A senior Dubai Police official advised smartphone users to think before posting an offensive message or image over SMS or Emails. The sender can land in big trouble if the receiver takes a serious offense and reports it to the Police.

So be careful if you are in UAE!

Source | HackRead