DARPA wants your help tracking malicious hackers
May 5, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

DARPA wants your help tracking malicious hackers

If you’re battling hackers, it’s helpful to know who they actually are. Unfortunately, tracking down the culprits of an attack has always been difficult thanks to VPNs, TOR, and other methods used to disguise the source of a digital assault. Now DARPA wants your help learning who these individuals or organizations are by extracting “behavioral and physical biometrics from a range of devices.”

While companies and nations do their best to protect themselves against hackers, it’s a never-ending race to plug security holes before someone figures out how to exploit a vulnerability. DARPA (known more for its slightly frightening robots) hopes that with your help, it can quickly track down those responsible for attacks by monitoring their behavior over time.

The program will last 18 months and be split into three tracks: Behavior and Activity Tracking and Summarization, Fusion and Predictive Analysis, and Validation and Enrichment. Each deal with varying levels of behavior data collection and analysis.

So if you got a crazy idea that’ll helping track down malicious hackers, the Enhanced Attribution program is accepting research proposals until June 7, 2016.

Source | Engadget